Google Duo is arriving soon on Android TV in beta, Video Calls on TV

Google Duo is arriving soon on Android TV in beta, Video Calls on TV

Google Duo has agreed as an excellent way to video chat on smartphones since its launch in 2016, and it’s soon about to get its big-screen debut.

After announcing Chromecast support for Google Meet, Google has presently announced that the company’s consumer video chat app, Duo, will be proceeding to Android TV in the form of a native app that lets users begin video calls from their TV screen.

“To bring the video calling experience to more parts of your home, Google Duo is rolling out a Beta on Android TV in the coming weeks,” Google stated in a blog post.

A beta of Google Duo for Android TV will be released “in the coming weeks.” You can start both one-on-one and group video calls with the app.

If your TV has a camera, you can start a chat with a person or group. “If your TV doesn’t have a camera built-in, you can just plug in a USB camera,” Google stated in its blog post assuming your TV supports such a thing.

The appearance of Duo on Android TV will begin shortly after the service became available on the Google Nest Hub Max.

By continuing Chromecast support for Google Meet, the organization gave people more adaptability in where they can have their work meetings. The combo of your couch and the TV screen will sometimes be a more generous fit than using a PC or phone.

Google is reportedly in the planning stages to combine some of Duo’s features into Meet, which is rumored to act as the search giant’s initial video calling and conferencing software. Even if the company intends to merge the two services, finally, it’s kind to see Google proceed to iterate on Duo with new features and distinct platform launches.

Like Meet, Google Duo is already supported on the Nest Hub, Nest Hub Max, and different smart displays that run Google’s software.

The development of platforms and processes of using Meet can only support Google as it remains to scrap it out with Zoom and Microsoft Teams. And it’ll be a protracted effort; as the company states at the end of its blog post, “video calls aren’t going anywhere” anytime soon.


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