FB Messenger screen sharing option while having a Video call

FB Messenger screen sharing option while having a Video call

One of the famous Social Media app Facebook has allowed its screen sharing feature for Messenger on mobile devices, letting you share your phone or tablet screen when calling a friend one on one, in a group chat, or while carrying part in even larger conversations via Messenger Rooms.

You can share your screen (or photos from your camera roll, or your Instagram feed, or whatever you’d like) with up to eight people in group chats or up to 16 people in Messenger Rooms. However, Facebook states it’s working on growing the feature for up to 50 people in Rooms. The update is available on both Android and iOS.

You should know how to do it, how to share your screen with your friends or colleagues during the live call. To share your screen, first make sure you own the latest version of Messenger installed on your smartphone or tab.

FB Screen Sharing
Image: The Verge.

Then, during a call, swipe up from the bottom of your screen to show the call options. Then click “share your screen,” “start sharing,” and then “start broadcast” (presumably Facebook is providing you that many warnings, so you don’t begin sharing anything by mistake). After that, you can navigate as you like on your phone, or turn to the call to end the broadcast.

It’s undoubtedly a welcome feature. Video calls have been beneficial and entertaining during the pandemic, permitting you to connect with friends, family, and colleagues, and screen sharing is extraordinarily useful.

You can catch up with your loved ones by flicking through photos in your camera roll from a current trip, or talk over things about a work project with a co-worker.

While screen sharing is already accessible on several video chat services, including Skype and Zoom, Messenger works particularly well on mobile devices, so having the option on iOS and Android is positively a significant gain.


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