Review of Speed Test Tool – Why Is It Useful

Review of Speed Test Tool – Why Is It Useful

How do users usually wait for this or that website to load? Believe it or not, but most people don’t even wait for three seconds for the site page to pop up. What’s going on with the websites that are loading slowly? Well, the answer is obvious.

In search engine ranking, the loading speed of your website is one of the critical elements. Even a fraction of a second can make a big difference in search rankings, sales, and users’ experience.

That’s why is there for a quick website speed check. You can use it to ensure your users have the best experience possible on your source.

In this page speed checker review, we tested the service to show how it works and its benefits.

A Few Words about Sitechecker

Sitechecker is a client-friendly SEO platform that helps you with backlinks tracking, website changes monitoring, on-page SEO checking, website ranking, etc. It includes a list of various tools, particularly the one that helps you check the speed of website.

You can also do a substantial site audit and track all tech mistakes for both – a single URL or the whole domain.

Website Speed Test: How It Works

Wondering if your website is slow? To make things clear, you can do the following:

Step 1. Insert your website address.

Step 2. Wait for the system to scan your source.

Step 3. Check the results.

In our website page speed test review, we took the Vogue website as a test example. The system analyzes how fast your website loads and offers you a clear view of other categories:

❏ Issues overview

❏ Content optimization

❏ Structured Data

❏ Images

❏ Search optimization

❏ External, internal, and subdomain links

Google Page Speed assigns a score to your website as well. Plus, it provides you with suggestions that will boost the loading speed. These suggestions can help your page load faster.

Besides, the Diagnostics section offers some suggestions to help your page load faster. Here’s what you may see when the check is done:

❏ Avoid an excessive DOM size;

❏ Minimize main-thread work;

❏ Reduce JavaScript execution time;

❏ Keep request counts low, and transfer sizes small;

❏ Reduce the impact of third-party code, etc.

Need to share your results? It’s no problem at Sitechecker. Pro. Information about critical issues can be copied with ease. You can also share a link to your test information and export your test results in a file (PDF). 

3 Reasons to Test Website Speed Now

Speeding up your source is essential. If it responds quickly, your visitors are happy. If you still aren’t sure whether scanning your site loading speed is a good idea, here are the reasons why you should care:

1. The loading speed is the first impression your site makes. Just like in real life, the first impression is essential in a cyber world. Both your clients and potential partners have an instant opinion of your source and your business in general. If your site responds fast to their requests, your first impression rocks while your visitors are satisfied. Let’s face it, on a subconscious level, we all consider fast sites reliable and made by professionals.

2. Slow loading speed kills your sales. If you own a slow website, it drives your potential clients away. As a result, it goes your sales away as well. Make sure to test this issue out.

3. A slow website leads to a long-lasting effect of an unreliable source. If your site doesn’t respond fast, loads of visitors drop off instantly. However, there is a long-lasting effect of it as well. The longer a webpage takes to load, the more it affects your word-of-mouth. Clients stop referring your company to others and don’t link back to your services.

It’s no doubt, loading speed matters. It affects both your search ranking and your visitors’ experience. What is more, it is related directly to your sales and conversions. Suppose you’re wondering how the speed of your source measures up, Sitechecker. Pro will help. The platform will provide you with a detailed report and insight, highlighting the key issues and suggestions to improve site speed. After all, you don’t want your consumers, partners, and just random visitors to vanish only because it takes forever for your web resource to load. 


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