Google to launch a redesigned mobile search, Images & Icons

Google to launch a redesigned mobile search, Images & Icons

Google Search is expected to prepare a redesign that will make it simple for users to discover what they are watching.

Google shares the development into a blog post with any designer insights, which redesigned the display. The variations induced various interface elements, including rounded corners and an overall increased “rounded” icon, search bar, and logo.

“Reproducing visual design for something like search is incredibly complicated. This is exceptionally true, given how much Google Search has grown. We are making web information and all the World’s information. Google designer Eileen Cheng, who started the visual redesign for Google Search on mobile.

The blog also reveals that there are five essential features of the redesign:

  • Making information into focus,
  • Selecting text easier
  • Formulating more breathing room,
  • Applying Colour,
  • Leaning into the mood of “Googley.”

The Google logo has been reported to other locations, including icons and images. “That form is already part of the DNA. Just glance at the search bar or the magnifying glass, “says Cheng.

To perform it more straightforward to see what you are searching for quickly, the redesign begins edge-to-edge results reducing the use of shadows.

This provides search results and additional content to become the page’s focus. Cheng reveals that the team kept a transparent background for the images and content but used Colour to focus on important information.

As perceived by the developers of Google, the latest redesign in mobile search will display available to all users in the upcoming days.


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