Benefits of AngularJS Development

Benefits of AngularJS Development

Welcome to the world of new IT technologies! That’s an obvious thing that an adequate level of knowledge of different frameworks is fundamental in the developer society. Today we have a great variety of dev frameworks, but here I would like to tell you more about AngularJS and its benefits. You must admit that AngularJS was designed with a lot of functional skills and gives just about everything that is required for a productive web app development. Let’s figure out in more detail what is so specific about it in this article which is called ” Benefits of AngularJS development.”

What is the AngularJS framework?

The first question in your mind is, what is it? It is an open-source framework. That allows you to create great single-page applications. Nowadays, it is the most popular JavaScript framework on GitHub. In a short period, this technology has become one of the greatest and most chosen ones among the front-end developers for the creation of cross-functional, comfortable, and attractive sites. Do you know which companies use AngularJS? The greatest of them are Udemy, Amazon, Netflix, and Paypal. Why do most front-end developers prefer this framework?

In this topic, I have prepared a few benefits of the AngularJS framework for web app development.

Benefits of the AngularJS framework

  1. Simple to cooperate

One should not forget that cooperation plays an important role in the success of any project.  With the help of dependency injections, developers can share the elements that they have built with AngularJS.

  • Easy to operate

It is essential to add that AngularJS is a framework that you can easily use. One of the benefits of AngularJS is that this framework needs minimal code.  Developers save their time, effort, and can create applications without nerves. Here that you can make an application extremely fast.

  • Two-way data binding

What is two-way data binding? It is automatic data synchronization between the model and view inside the framework. It is often said that AngularJS makes data binding quicker and easier. As a result, developers can create templates much faster. It’s no secret that the framework keeps track of browser events, model changes, and user actions on the page to update the necessary templates immediately.

  • The MVVM architecture

MVVM (Model-View-ViewModel) and MVM (Model-View-Controller) are the central elements of application performance.  It enables you to create single-page web applications. The data is separated from design and visual representation. It makes the operation of even complex web applications much more comfortable.

  • Greater flexibility

When you use filters that allow achieving much more flexibility in any application, these filters sort the data way before it gives the viewer. Filters can also execute other essential tasks such as formatting the decimal places and reverse the entire order of an array. In a nutshell, similar to the derivatives, the filters can work as standalone and can be used entirely separate from an application. As a result, the web application is way more manageable in its development.

  • Lesser coding

Another benefit of AngularJS is that it lets the web app development procedure become much easier with lesser coding. It should be noted that AngularJS reduces the coding time for each app, mainly because of this benefit. With a final UI, two-way data binding, POJO information models, and filters, the web developers have to write lesser code that achieves more productivity while reducing the general complexity of the project implementation.

  • Using directives

AngularJS uses HTML as its templating language. It is extended with directives that add information to the code about the desired behavior. Directives allow you to concentrate on logic and be more productive. They can be reused, which also develops the usability of the code.

  • Edge with modules

This system gives a choice of crop applications through a combination of independent modules. They can rely on each other or be self-governing. For example, if the modules are to be stand-alone, you can use the Facebook login module for special parts of the application, such as logging in or creating a page.

  • High in performance

That’s a common fact that this framework is mainly used to develop more diverse and completely functional web apps which also have high performance. This framework has strong features like data binding, directives, and filters. It allows the development of robust and scalable web apps in a very short period.

  1. Availability of ready-made solutions

AngularJS has a huge number of ready-made solutions that allow you to solve quite a variety of tasks using ready-made modules. Due to the lack of hard project construction in AngularJS, you can create applications with a reasonably diverse structure. Also, you can use AngularJS for mobile development.

  1. Dependency injection

Out of other advantages of AngularJS, another great one is the built-in dependency injection subsystem that explains the method of unit testing. This feature provides the programmers to ask for dependencies rather than spending their time hunting for them. It should be understood that dependency injection takes over, identifies the requirements of the programmer, and gives the services instantly.

  1. Full user interface support

Angular uses HTML to provide the application’s user interface. HTML offers an intuitive interface that is unlike other interfaces written in JavaScript. Also, HTML allows you to declare which controllers should be used for a particular UI component so that you can better focus on the look and feel of your application’s UI. Just say what you need, and with Angular, you will do everything smoothly.

Twelve specific benefits listed above make it clear that AngularJS is a great feature-rich framework that provides you with the creation of today’s important single page web applications.


So, let’s summarize all my words written above. I tried to demonstrate the most important points, which can be helpful for you. I hope this topic” Benefits of AngularJS development” helped you to get some more information. As you can see, AngularJS is one of the most used front-end technologies for the development of interactive, appealing, and strong web apps. It is highly beneficial and cost-effective, making it possible for web app development organizations to develop innovative and business-specific web apps for their customers faster and cheaper. If it is used to its full potential, this framework will help you in attracting more and more users and improve your user engagement.


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