Free Cybersecurity Apps to Download This Year

Free Cybersecurity Apps to Download This Year

Cybersecurity is a necessity in a digitalization environment. Most of the business processes and activities related to information and finance are carried out online. Without special cybersecurity tools, you can fall prey to attackers. Stolen passwords, personal data, and malware infection of the operating system are just the most fundamental problems. Let’s check out the free cybersecurity apps to download this year.


When it comes to organizing cybersecurity, you need to understand what is happening on your network. Wireshark enables a comprehensive analysis of the network protocol. The utility collects data on the interaction of IP and DNS on the web to identify third-party connections.

Through activity monitoring, ordinary users or companies can identify suspicious activity and block unwanted IP addresses. It is especially true for educational and commercial institutions. The application has an ascetic interface and allows you to set up traffic monitoring quickly.


Nmap is a free application for network discovery and security auditing. The first option is to detect network activity as well as connected network equipment. You can also discover remote.

devices and block their access to the public network. This utility is especially popular with network administrators because it simplifies network monitoring.

Cybersecurity features allow you to simulate an attack on network ports and identify global vulnerabilities to eliminate them. The application will enable you to define the used communication protocols and utilities. Administrators can update services and configure communication protocols using this tool.


Metasploit allows you to scan IP addresses and block every exploit thoroughly. The utility contains a set of tools for simulating security attacks. Cybersecurity specialists can test individual cases with operating system vulnerabilities and methods to eliminate threats. Colleges and universities often use this web application. It is useful for predicting various network threats, so computer science students need this for educational projects.

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It is one of the most prevalent cybersecurity testing applications. You can simulate API threats and perform a comprehensive analysis of malicious code. The utility allows you to assess network security’s overall level and prepare for attacks on server equipment. Another application option is the collection and analysis of data from the general infrastructure and individual network components.

Thanks to this, system administrators can receive timely information about suspicious activity on the network and prepare urgent measures to improve cybersecurity. The utility allows you to use all the tools for monitoring network activity for free. Users only need to customize scripts and templates.


This application is suitable for application-level security testing. Cybersecurity professionals can scan web utilities, network code, cryptographic protection, and identify system security flaws. The application analyzes password storage, data libraries and automatically takes screenshots for the user. Images allow you to see the most problematic areas for a comprehensive audit.

The utility also supports encoding mobile applications. A laconic interface allows you to set up and test custom cases quickly. Thanks to this application, you can reduce the risks of system hacks and software problems.


Individuals and companies are closely associated with wireless networks. Most modern gadgets are connected to Wi-Fi, which carries potential risks. Aircrack-ng allows you to analyze the network and assess the degree of protection. For example, the utility signals simple passwords and a lack of basic wireless security. Also, the application can identify incorrect settings and allows you to test the corporate network for vulnerabilities.


Fully implementing cybersecurity is impossible without the secure storage of passwords and account data. LastPass is one of the more popular password managers that allow users to save and sync passwords across multiple devices.

All personal data and bank details are protected, which is especially important for those who are often exposed to cyber-attacks. The basic version of the application is available for free. It has relatively advanced functionality for storing and encrypted data synchronization.


Online communication must be secure. Cybercriminals often hack email addresses and user accounts, so choosing a reliable messenger is essential. Signal has a set of technologies for data encryption and allows you to reduce the risks of deanonymization. This app will enable you to create single or group chats to exchange data, media, and text messages.

Tor Project

It is one of the best options for private cybersecurity. Tor is a robust browser with options to disable geolocation, block trackers, and help avoid activity detection. Multilayer encryption technology and the ability to configure a VPN connection guarantee users a high degree of data protection.

Each user gets the opportunity to be anonymous on the Internet and surf the Internet safely. The application is free and is developed by a large community. A set of software components is available on computers, smartphones, and tablets. It is one of the easiest to use cybersecurity applications.


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