What is Domain Rating (DR) & is it different from Domain Authority (DA)

What is Domain Rating (DR) & is it different from Domain Authority (DA)

In simple words, Domain Rating means the rating of your website; domain rating is the term used in SEO, DR is a process of allowing a rating to your website SEO tools providers define these ratings.

SEO tools providers are like Ahrefs, Moz, SemRush, and many others, these three SEO tools used by many bloggers.

Domain Rating is provided by the Ahrefs SEO tool; in this tool, bloggers can find there competitors ranking keywords and their backlink profiles.

Domain Rating (DR) determines the strength of a website’s backlink profile related to the others in our database on a 100-point scale. It’s mostly a less granular version of Ahrefs Rank (AR).

Domain Authority is just intended to give you an idea of a site’s ranking ability; having a very high DA score shouldn’t be your only goal. It would help if you did DA only as a predictor of your rankings on SERPs

How Domain Rating Calculated by Ahrefs

When a domain’s (www.abcdef.com) DR is higher, more “link juice” is assigned to linked domains.

The source domain splits its rating equally amongst the domains it links to. So: a DR-10 domain which links to four other domains can influence your DR more than a DR-80 domain, which links to a million other domains.

After repeating these calculations, the rating for each domain, the final DR value, is then obtained by scaling a measured, absolute value into the 0-100 range.

Domain Rating (DR) and Domain Authority (DA) differences:

Well, Domain Rating (DR) belongs to ahrefs, and Domain Authority (DA) belongs to Moz. The difference is the name and some metrics when we compare DR and DA. DA will increase quickly even if you make a No-Follow link profile DA Moz add into a link. While ahrefs DR doesn’t consider No-Follow ahref consider only Do-Follow links.

Many added links from the same website do not increase the Domain Rating value of the target website. Under the latest calculations, the more unique sites the target website has links to, the less value the DR will transfer to each website.

In increase, if a website only links to you through “no follow” links, your Domain Rating will not grow. Whenever a linking website’s DR extends from procuring more backlinks, each site they’ve linked to which have “do follow” links will have their DR undoubtedly affected.

While this is a very simplified way of describing it, this should assist you in understanding the basics of the new DR calculation and how it will influence you.

If a website with a high DR links to hundreds of different sites, then their links are worthless to the single calculation.

If a website with a lower DR rating links to only a small number of sites, then Ahrefs considers those links to be worth added. This is because if a website is transferring out thousands of backlinks to anyone, then it isn’t that valuable in the new calculation because of the ease of getting the backlink.

Google Algorithms on Domain Rating’s

Google’s Webmaster Trends Analyst John Mueller stated that Google does not make use of a website authority score. They insist that their algorithms, such as PageRank, calculate scores per webpage, rather than scoring a whole domain. Mueller has stated in the past, however, that Google does have something in their algorithms which can consider the overall website.

This statement contradicts his claim that Google doesn’t use any website authority score. Which is it then? According to Ahrefs, website authority is not an unknown factor when it comes to ranking websites. It is more complicated than that.


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