Amazing methods to Rank your website on Google first page

Amazing methods to Rank your website on Google first page

How to position yourself in the first place of Google 2020 For now, several people know that to generate traffic to their website, you need to write a blog that is found on the first page of Google. To do this, create articles that have long-tail keywords and phrases.

Using long-tail keywords is one of the most reliable and fastest ways to rank on the first page of Google.

So how do we utilize long-tail keywords?

One method I suggest you avoid is to use a service that says it puts you on the first page “immediately.” There is no immediate or magic solution. If you see one of these, click the Back button. There is no way they can do it for you without Google penalizing you in some way.

It’s a disgrace these scammers exist. Many people think that making it the right way is too hard, and these services are the only way to go. So, you end up suffering in the long run.

I know many of you are sceptical that it’s even likely to rank on the first page without doing paid advertising or an AdWords program.

If you keep up with the SEO industry, you are fully conscious that Google changes its algorithm regularly, and your opponents are pushing content similar to yours at a rapid pace. So you wonder if it’s worth the time and trouble to create new content to rank.

Don’t be confused. The odds you will have for specific keywords like “Technology 2020” are highly unlikely. There is too much conflict. Those are what are known as the main terms. They often have copyrights, trademarks, and are controlled by established companies that can pay big bucks for them.

However, we are discussing using long-tail keywords, not the main terms. You want to rank for phrases that get views, clicks, and turn into sales.

Learn, someone will always be on the top page of Google. For this to happen, these companies had to achieve the right strategies to rank there first.

This will not be a scam, hack, or magic resolution. It will take a little difficult work and struggle. If you think I’m going to give you some facilities to avoid the Google algorithm, if that’s what you want, please leave this page. I’m going to provide you with a proven method, but it will take some work.

This is a real and direct method to position yourself on the first page of Google, genuinely matching keywords, and obtaining the Holy Grail of Internet search results. Page # 1 of Google.

Here’s the method for ranking on the first top page of Google using long-tail keywords.

You need to research/Examine your keyword. Does it matter if you study your keyword or not? The answer is an absolute yes! It is essential.

The only authentic way you will rank high for any keyword is to do some research on the keyword or phrase.

This is precisely how you should start with the method of earning a high rating on SERPs. We need to find the correct keyword.

Keyword length

Therefore, the first thing to do when searching for a long-tail keyword to rank is to make sure it has the right length.

The suggested minimum is said to be around four or five words.

Look at the length of searches that are the norm for long-tail keywords.

Just don’t go to the opposite extreme and try creating a 10-word long-tail keyword or a two-word long-tail keyword. You will end up competing against many other websites, and you will not be ranked.

Competition keywords

Each time you search for a keyword to rank for, you should search for a keyword or phrase that is not extremely competitive but provides you with a considerable amount of monthly searches.

Although long-tail keywords don’t have a lot of searches, you can, however, use them effectively. You are not trying to get a high volume. Instead, you are seeking the intention of the seeker.

You’d rather have fewer searches and a higher ranking than having a lousy ranking for a top search term.

Don’t neglect your Google keyword planner. You should use this tool often to see the competition for these keywords.

The most satisfying part about using long-tail keywords is that there is no limit to the terms you can use. Believe it or not, about 75% of all traffic is the result of long-tail keywords.

The essential thing is to search for identifying keywords.


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