Best Smart Ways to Monetize Website and earn money

Best Smart Ways to Monetize Website and earn money

Monetize Website is not that much new its overall started many years ago. Blogging has become a good business. In 2020 Bloggers are earning Huge amounts from there Websites with different niches.

The BuzzFeed made over $300 million in total revenue in 2018 from a mix of sponsored deals, pay-per-view advertising, and eCommerce sales.

All of those Monetize Website took years to make up their readership, reliability, honesty, and traffic. And that settled them in the top 1% of earners.

Here many newcomers in Blogging also can make money with the option of Monetize Website. They have to sign up in advertising publishers’ accounts. A ConvertKit survey discovered that established, full-time bloggers generated a mean income of $54,108 per year, with average costs of $15,895 and profits of $38,016.

But a website isn’t a cash machine operating on autopilot. To earn a profit, to Monetize Website, you’ll need to spend the time and often money, well to start blogging, a blogger needs a Good Hosting, Domain name, and a Theme to make a live website.

As many ask their colleagues, friends, cousins that how to start a blog, website to earn money.

How to monetize your website

Well, everything needs time, patience is everything in business either its a manufacturing business or services business or your blog it takes times, days, weeks, months yes it takes some months to grow to build your website. And you can start earning money from your website by monetizing your website.

1. Start with Affiliate marketing

As an affiliate marketer, you can earn a percentage/commission from every referral you make to another business. Like Amazon, eBay, Alibaba, and other fashion and Health Products businesses.

If you are apart of the Webflow affiliate program, you’ll get a revenue share from each person who clicks your affiliate link and sets up a paid account.

Book bloggers can make some extra cash if a user buys a book through the blog’s affiliate links (often through Amazon). If you buy a jacket recommended by a fashion blogger, they might get a percentage of that sale too.

Promote products and services your readers care about. Be an Honest Blogger, don’t promote simply for an income first you have to try, or you should know about that product fully.

2. Paid membership website

Set up a private thematic area on your website/Blog and backpack it with extra value that explains the price tag. You can use something like MemberStack to bring this functionality to your website quickly.

Paid associations are emphasizing private forums, discussion boards, members directory, masterminds, exclusive discounts, and more.

Example: Traffic Think Tan Education buffets sell access to a bundle of courses, webinars, podcasts, and other educational means.

Example: Game Arts Academy Mastermind and accountability organizations organize group coaching and mastermind sessions with a small-knit gathering of students. Example: Mark’d Women

Build an advanced paid job board or referral group to exchange those jobs with others. That’s how Carol Tice, a veteran freelance writer.

3. Publish sponsored posts & product reviews

Here Paid sponsored posts is one of the big things in the blog. The idea a website needs is High Domain Authority(DA) and good traffic. Only your site will get sponsored posts from other businesses like this a process of SEO Search Engine Optimization; it also called Guest posts.

Publishing a post/article on a related topic with a link to the sponsor website. Reviewing one of the sponsor’s products in your post (sponsored reviews.

Including their content in your email newsletter (newsletter sponsorship) Any bonus promotion on social networks.

Note: Remember the critical thing. Always adequately disclose any advertising relationships you have and mark all such content as “sponsored.” To avoid SEO penalties, add rel=” sponsored” or rel=”no-follow” attributes to such links per Google instructions.

4. Accept Donations

In the Year 2020, many websites/Bloggers and Youtubers are showcasing the Image or text Of Donation or Contribute to them by placing the payment options like PayPal and other Bank details.

Pro gamers, comics writers, artists, and other creative types will often have a group of raving fans ready to donate some cash.

5. Flip websites

If you’re good at creating websites, you can make a good living by selling them for an excellent price to others. Affiliate, membership, eCommerce, and dropshipping sites usually go for the highest price. But you can also flip personal blogs, news sites, or any other “digital estate” that you own.

Website monetization strategies to drop in 2020

Display ads: With a huge type of ad networks out there, it’s easy to think that blog ads can make you some good revenue.

Selling links: Sponsored posts, when well disclosed, won’t mess up your search engine rankings. But explicitly stating that you’ll “include a do-follow link to your website for a price” is a surefire way to get a penalty form Google.

On many occasions, the Google Web Spam team has warned bloggers against selling backlinks or engaging in any other link schemes.

RSS feed ads: RSS feed ads are added old-school monetization methods that should be retired by now. There are only a few people who read RSS feeds these days (or keep one on their blog). Apart from making your website look cluttered, these ads may not obtain a real impact.


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