Tricks to Protect Your Smartphone Battery With High Temperatures

Tricks to Protect Your Smartphone Battery With High Temperatures

The mobile phone, also known today as a smartphone, is one of the things we can hardly live without. We use it to make and receive calls, work, send emails and messages, listen to music, watch videos, take photos, interact through social networks, or check information on the web, among many other activities.

This device has become part of our day-to-day life. It is always with us, so its battery is one of the most concerning users when choosing a terminal and maintaining it over time. Today they are developed to last more than 24 hours with average use and one charge, something that seemed unthinkable years ago.

Thus, external chargers and batteries are also almost always with us to ensure that our phone’s battery runs out when turned off and can be used whenever we need to.

But, this component of smartphones, although it is usually resistant, also has weaknesses and can be damaged very easily. One of the factors that can directly affect the health of our battery is heat, and now, in summer, we must be more careful with high temperatures so that they do not damage the battery of smartphones.

To protect them and prevent the battery from overheating, which can cause it to lose its life, you can implement some tricks and practices to help you avoid the effects of high temperatures on the mobile battery.

Tricks to protect the mobile battery from heat

Be aware of heat waves: Although it seems easy to know what the weather is like where we live, sometimes we are not so familiar with that a heat wave is going to occur, and anticipating this fact can help us to be prepared and avoid exposing ourselves to this time, which will also help protect the phone.

Be aware of the internal temperature of the mobile: Some phones, such as iPhones, have a protection system against high temperatures, but Androids do not usually do so. That is why we can download applications that fulfill this function or at least help us control the internal temperature, considering that the battery should always be at most 45 degrees.

Configure notifications and alerts: In line with the previous practice, applications such as CPU-Z or MacroDroid help us to know the temperature of the battery, but they also allow us to set temperature limits with which a notification would be sent to us when they are reached, which it will keep us alert.

Never cool the phone in the fridge or freezer: This can only cause further damage to the finish due to a sudden temperature change.

If these prevention tactics don’t work, you may be wondering how to lower your mobile phone’s temperature without damaging it. For this reason, we also leave you some tips for it.

How to cool down the mobile phone if the battery gets very hot?

Remove the cover: This element protects the mobile, but if the temperature rises a lot, it does not help to keep it on. Removing it will subtract some heat.

Please turn off the mobile or put it in airplane mode: The less effort the terminal makes, the less it will heat up.

Remove any cable: No charger, headphones, or USB to transfer documents… As we indicated, the fewer functions the mobile performs, the more we will help it cool down.

Put the mobile on an excellent surface: We reiterate that it should not be placed in the fridge or freezer, but it is advisable, for example, to put it on a glass table, a stone countertop, or even the floor since this freshness does not contrast so much with the high temperature of the mobile and can help it cool down.


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