Tips For Purchasing and Caring For an External Battery

Tips For Purchasing and Caring For an External Battery

Essential to keep our devices alive for as long as possible, but they do not evolve technologically at the same rate as our smartphones. 

Since their appearance, they have gained popularity, and their sales have skyrocketed. As the average user knows little (yet) about this type of device, today in our blog, we will talk about tips for buying and caring for an external battery (also known as PowerBanks ).

Tips Before Buying an External Battery or Powerbank

Of course, and as in everything we buy, we must (should) consider our needs and the use that we are going to give our device. The ” big donkey, walk or not walk ” should not be viewed on this occasion…

Minimum capacity: Find out the mAh of your mobile battery and multiply that number by two. That amount is the minimum capacity your PowerBank should have.

Maximum capacity: Our advice is not to exceed triple the power of your smartphone. It only adds more capacity if you charge other types of devices.

Brand: It is a very personal concept, we know since we all have preferences in brands of technological products. The only thing you have to keep in mind in this section is to choose a trustworthy one and not get carried away by bargains with brands of dubious origin. Also, be careful with accessories, as manufacturers save costs by not incorporating USB chargers.

Fast charging: If your mobile has it, you must buy an external battery compatible with this charging mode. Although this type of battery rises slightly in price, you should remember that the more types of ports it supports, the better.

Charging speed: What if you buy an external battery and then it sets very slowly? Can be! To avoid this, try to choose one with ports with a minimum current output of 2A.

Weight: If you have to carry the battery constantly in your bag or backpack, it is clear that the best option is to buy a light one.

Price: We have already mentioned that if you use it for several devices, its price may increase. The extra features also tend to increase the cost, such as water resistance, led flashlight, ultra-slim, jump starter…

Charge status: PowerBanks do not usually include a screen, but we consider it essential to know if our mobile is already charged, charging, if there are errors, etc. The LED indicators are our guides in this aspect, so our external battery must carry them.

Tips to Keep an External Battery or Powerbank in Perfect Condition

In general, we can apply the same advice to an external battery as our smartphone. They are made of the same components, but the use we give them is not the same. However, pay attention to the following tips:

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Observe the instructions for the first recharge. In general, manufacturers recommend that the first charge be carried out for a long time, although there are minor differences between models and brands of external batteries.

  1. Could you not use it while it is charging? This will have very adverse effects on the autonomy and shorten its useful life.
  2. Leave it charged to a maximum of 60%. This will maintain its useful life for much longer. If you keep it always on top, you end up degrading it. It also degrades if you keep it below 20%.
  3. You will also slow down your PowerBank if you discharge it entirely and don’t recharge it for a while.
  4. Make sure your charger has an output voltage that matches the input voltage of the external battery.
  5. Heat is a great enemy of your battery (also of your smartphone), so do not expose it to too high temperatures. It might be interesting for you to look at our post. What are the main enemies of your mobile?

With this information, you have enough to buy an excellent external battery or PowerBank that makes your life easier and more comfortable. We do not usually give brands and models on our blog, but as it is a product that has not yet been made every day, we will try to guide you.

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