How to Avoid Technological Obsolescence in the Company?

How to Avoid Technological Obsolescence in the Company?

Technological obsolescence is one of the great unknowns around electronic devices: does it exist, or is it a myth? How is it possible to program the useful life of the devices?

Falling into it is a substantial economic loss. The OCU confirms that before the two years of the life of any device, it may be mandatory to renew it. However, there are several advantages for companies that have managed to avoid this circumstance, including maintaining the established budget without spending more than expected due to being forced to replace devices.

What is Meant by Technological Obsolescence?

By technological obsolescence, we understand the end or the reduction of the useful life or the fall into disuse of a company’s machines, equipment, and devices due to their insufficient functioning compared to the new machines, equipment, and devices that are on the market.

This reduction in the useful life of the devices means that many companies have to renew their devices from time to time, which means that the investment in technology is higher than what would have to be done if this obsolescence did not exist.

In addition to the economic cost that this entails, there are other drawbacks of this reduction in the life of the devices. Among them is the problem of unnecessary waste, which causes damage to the environment and, indirectly, promotes the use of excessive resources to generate new devices.

There are many types of technological obsolescence; among them are:

Planned obsolescence: This would be the most natural. A study would define the ordinary and usual time for the device to deteriorate.

Perceived Obsolescence: This type of obsolescence occurs when the device changes to design, but the technology used is the same.

Speculative Obsolescence: Occurs when low-quality devices are sold cheaply to gain a foothold in the market, hoping to release higher-tier products shortly.

Planned obsolescence: It is the best known and the most criticized. It refers to the deliberate programming by the manufacturers of electronic products so that these devices come to an end from an age. 

That is, they are given an expiration date after which they stop working correctly so that the owners are forced to renew that device or replace it with another.

The one related to the function is to obtain superior functionality.

Obsolescence of desire, by fashion or voluntarily by the company, when you want to change even if it works perfectly, either for design reasons or to replace devices with more modern ones.

Quality obsolescence: This type occurs when the product begins to fail or malfunction.

Tips to Avoid Technological Obsolescence in Companies

First, it is essential to note that avoiding replacing devices will not always be possible. Of course, all possible alternatives must be considered before doing so, always guaranteeing their operation will be helpful.

Obsolescence Planning and Management

If faults are detected in the devices, the first thing to do is to find out what the defect is and if it can repair it. Sometimes it is related to the battery, and the solution will be to change it for another. The investment will be less, and the device will continue functioning as before.

Regarding management and planning, it is always interesting to value an item destined to renew the devices in the budget. It is about anticipating problems and always having a remnant for these issues.


In the same way that leasing is used for cars, another exciting option is to do it for electronic devices.

The purchase of computer or technological equipment represents a significant investment, and its maintenance implies a periodic expense. Renting specialized equipment allows you to pay a fee for both services. Thus, you will always be able to work with up-to-date equipment.

Although it may be possible to find more affordable alternatives, the truth is that this is an excellent alternative to working with the leading technology and always ensuring that, in the event of minimal problems and the event of obsolescence, the devices will be replaced by new ones.

Do not Buy Obsolete Equipment

Buying old equipment or resorting to second-hand equipment may seem like a good idea due to its economic savings and because it avoids consuming new products (which leads to environmental problems commented on). However, it seems logical to think that planned obsolescence will first affect older devices before new ones.

In addition, in general, older devices tend to have more problems of incompatibility with other technologies, with programs launched on the market, or with new issues that arise, such as artificial intelligence or bots.

Treat IT Infrastructure Individually

It is often thought that treating the IT infrastructure together is better, but that could cause obsolescence to come earlier. Hardware, software, and networks are often treated together. This standard error causes the effects of obsolescence on each piece of equipment to be disregarded. 

Not all computers need the same type of programs, nor are they used for the same work. The most advisable thing is to analyze each device individually to anticipate the appearance of alterations in its functionality.

Search for Special Marks

Despite everything that has been said, some technological brands are against this obsolescence, especially against planned obsolescence, and offer devices that do not adhere to this type of programming. The Feniss Foundation has been one of the promoters of the creation of the ISSOP seal (whose acronym stands for Sustainable Innovation Without Planned Obsolescence).

This seal seeks to identify the products that are respectful of the maximum useful life of the devices. Thus, several issues are being ensured when a product has this distinction, like that the environment is respected (without obsolescence, promoting local and ethical production) or that the devices are energy efficient. 

More and more companies are launching articles with maximum durability on the market, whose repair is cheaper than buying a new product.


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