10 Reasons to Choose React Native for Your Mobile App

10 Reasons to Choose React Native for Your Mobile App

In the booming software development industry, applications are continually captivating the market. To make their creation process match demand, techies are putting much effort into making application development easier. 

Facebook launched React Native to ease development processes, while Google launched Flutter JS. Both Flutter and React Native differ in several ways, some of which can be seen here https://jaydevs.com/flutter-vs-react-native-which-is-best-for-your-app/.

Of the two alternatives, the most prominent is React Native, and rightly so, for the following reasons: 

Cross-Platform Mobile App Development 

Its cross-platform usability is a significant perk of adopting react-native as a primary tech stack for mobile application development. What does this mean? The app is developed using a single codebase and is available on all mobile operating systems–including Android and iOS. 

All that’s needed is a seasoned javascript developer with experience in APIs, hybrid app workflow, and User Interface libraries. 

Quick time-to-market 

Developers using React Native do not have to create every function from scratch as there are multitudes of readily available components. Also, since a single codebase is used for multiple platforms, an MVP of the app can be quickly available across platforms. Statistically, React Native apps are built 30% quicker than natively built solutions of equal complexity.

App Update is Done via Code Push

React Native, through features like CodePush, allows you to update an application while it is still live. Unlike Native apps with complicated updating processes, this is seamless and requires no authorization from App store administrators. 

Lower App Development and Maintenance Cost 

Since React Natives are built faster, and most developers are paid per hour of work, it is only logical that you will spend less creating React Native-based apps. Its low cost is particularly important for startups on a strict budget. For example, rather than hire separate developers for Android and iOS, you only need one developer or development team for your application. As said earlier, updating the app is also less complicated, thus, cheapening maintenance costs. 

Simple Development Process 

React Native makes complex tasks easy to create. How? Its User Interface library has abundant components and add-ons to simplify coding practices. In addition, the “Hot Reload” feature within the framework lets programmers view the effect of every line of code they add, easing error detection. 

Apps Built Have Native UI Component 

The apps created via React Native work exactly like native apps but with a more enhanced user experience. React Native gives the app unique features on the operating system it is hosted on by rendering elements individually. It does this by combining the Javascript code written by the developer with the building blocks of the native user interface. 

Same Tech Stack 

The same tech stack is used for both iOS and Android versions of cross-platform apps. So you are creating a single solution and deploying it to Apple App Store and the Google PlayStore without making any modifications.

The abundance of Libraries and Ad-ons 

React Native has many libraries and easily implementable add-ons to make workflow seamless. It also has an abundance of test libraries like Enzyme, Mocha, Jest, and Chai to improve coding processes. 

Robust Developer Community 

A good reason to adopt React Native as a primary tech stack is the ease of finding help through its developer community. Among the most used javascript libraries, its community is active and readily available to help at prompt. Its high usage makes replacing talent in your company easy. 

Quicker Debugging 

Since a single codebase is used for multiple platforms, your team only needs to debug a single platform, then adopt updates to both platforms simultaneously. Another perk here is that you can debug right from the development stage using Console.log. 


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