Five Top Crypto Exchanges You Should Start Using in 2022

Five Top Crypto Exchanges You Should Start Using in 2022

With the world of crypto growing and more projects coming up, keeping track of the new things is difficult, and you might want to ensure that you don’t miss the big things. Just like when you want to bet on NFL lines, you want to play at the top sportsbooks online. Therefore, you need to find the perfect one to join. 

As a result, you have to be sure that you’ve vet as many options as possible, and in the end, you’ve selected the best one, for instance, BetUS. You should also know that you can join from multiple devices just as you can join many crypto exchange platforms. Therefore, when you want to start, here are five top cryptocurrency exchange sites you should consider joining. 


Coinbase has grown to be one of the most popular options in the world of crypto exchanges, and we’ve seen many people turn to it. The platform is perfect for beginners. Therefore, we continue to see it as a point where newbies can begin their crypto journey. Creating an account, buying, and selling crypto are pretty easy.

When you want to start your crypto exchange journey, you should consider Coinbase because it offers an easy to use platform that you can click through to get started. All you need is to go through a few tutorial texts, and everything will be up and running. In no time, you’ll become a part of the community. 


A relatively new player in the crypto exchange scene. KuCoin is a good place for you to find easy access to different features that will make your crypto experience better. You can even find coins and projects that are not listed in other top exchanges on KuCoin, and once you understand how it works, you will become used to it. 

With KuCoin, you can fund different betting sites, including BetUS, once you have crypto inside your wallet. The process is easy, and you won’t have to wait for long to get the money in your bet account. You can even enjoy various exciting offers that make your gambling experience better. Aside from that, there are other incredible features from KuCoin.

If you want security, you should go for the exchange platform. It is one of the first exchanges to enter the industry, and they’ve been offering users top-notch services and protection for their assets. It is even easy to get started, although you might have to take the time to read through different tutorials to help understand everything. 

Once you get the hang of it, you can start to buy cryptocurrencies and other digital assets available. In addition to that, you can use the other features that allow you to make money with your crypto coin. In that case, you don’t even have to worry about losing your money because you’re protected. 


Binance is everything you want in a crypto exchange platform. It has all it takes to make your experience even better. Although it doesn’t have a beginner-friendly interface, you can always learn how to use the site because a complete Binance Academy platform is available for free. It will help you get started.

On the Binance platform, you can continue to enjoy the different available offers. They will help you start the journey, and in the end, you can buy different digital assets. There is even an NFT marketplace for you to check out once you want to give this part of the digital world a try. It also offers low fees.


If you are looking for a crypto exchange platform where you can earn interest, then you should give BlockFi a try. Different parts of the crypto exchange will help you increase your chances of earning more money as you continue to use the platform. It is pretty easy to get started with the platform.

You just need to ensure that you’ve learnt the different parts of the exchange platform, and once you’re done, you can start buying and selling cryptocurrencies. It will even help you learn more about the crypto world. All you should do is ensure that you better understand how it works, and you’re good to go. 

Final Note

Finding the right crypto exchange platform will help you understand the crypto world better, and you can start using it for different things, including placing bets at various sportsbooks. With the growing popularity of crypto, the possibilities are endless.


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