Website Development: What to Expect At All Stages

Website Development: What to Expect At All Stages

Every self-respecting company, considering the rapidly developing IT technologies, is obliged to have its website, which will allow all interested users to quickly and easily get information about the company or institution.

The creation of sites in Astana in modern realities is gaining tremendous popularity, as it allows you to convey information even in the face of quarantine measures.

High-quality work on creating sites in Astana does not end only with the implementation and launch of the site; it requires its development, information and technical support. 

Professional teams do this since they cannot organize this process cannot manage this process independently without the possession of special skills.

There are many types of sites that are developed individually for the needs of each campaign; there are sites for clients, for partners, both existing and potential, and sites also differ by territorial location. In general, this process is complex and requires a lot of labour.

As a rule, companies creating websites in Astana, starting to develop websites, act according to a specific algorithm. Initially, a consultation is carried out, at which the mutual expectations of the customer and the client are clarified. 

If an agreement is reached, a template with questions is filled in; the answers allow you to determine what exactly should be posted on the site, how often, and many others, depending on the direction of activity.

Further, the project itself is discussed by the client and the customer and, if necessary, corrected; at this stage, the amount that must pay must pay the customer for the work performed is clear. The signing of the contract follows this; it must protect all parties to the transaction within the legal framework.

Further, the terms of reference are formed. The IT specialists of the project will begin to complete, and the design is developed, page prototypes, adaptive versions, and ideas are translated into a “digital plane” understandable for programmers.

The last stage is testing, which must carefully check the site’s performance and carefully check the site’s version. It is limited not only by the contractor but also by the customer himself.

If everything is in order and working from the technical side, management specialists, copywriting, marketing, and so on begin filling the site (text, photo, video, etc.) at the customer’s request.

Before paying for the work performed, the last step is control testing for performance and transfer to the Internet; the site moved to the hosting with a connected domain will have a unique name on the network, which can quickly find it in any search engine.


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