Key Part for the Success of Digital Transformation With Cybersecurity

Key Part for the Success of Digital Transformation With Cybersecurity

Digital transformation is a trend that continues to rise and is no longer an issue exclusively related to large companies. For the second consecutive year, the Digital Transformation Index (ITD) found that the country’s organizations are located at a “digital intermediate” level, which exposes them to significant challenges in terms of cybersecurity, but also generates great opportunities for professionals who have with the skills to deal with those threats.

The Importance of Cybersecurity for Data Protection

A survey conducted by PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) worldwide revealed that more than 50% of those interviewed expect an increase in cybersecurity-related incidents by 2022 compared to 2021. 

And as a result, 69% of the organizations project an increase in spending on cybersecurity for the coming year. These figures are complemented by data from the International Data Corporation (IDC), which revealed that 37% of the world’s largest companies were victims of ransomware attacks in the last year.

The Role of Technology Professionals

In terms of cybersecurity, professionals in the technology area are more than happy to account because they have highly valued skills in the labour market. 

Cybersecurity specialists are among the most in-demand professionals, and companies are struggling to attract and retain them as more and more industries need them.

As the various industries advance in digitalization, the need to process and store sensitive information desired by cybercriminals becomes ever greater. 

The financial industry and any area requiring data protection become targets for possible attacks.

An Expanding Market

The trend we observe points to a growth in the demand for professionals specialized in cybersecurity. Many companies must implement or accelerate their digitization process, which will continue to keep the demand for this professional on the rise.

Strategic decisions in companies depend more and more on technology, so professionals who handle skills of this type are increasingly in demand and rarely have a single job offer.

How to Face the Lack of Qualified Professionals 

However, there is a talent shortage in the specialized area of ​​which cybersecurity specialists are no exception. 

This provides great possibilities for those who have this expertise and opens up unsuspected job opportunities very recently, due to the strong expansion of remote work that, in this type of work, allows access to work from anywhere in the country and even beyond our borders.


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