How to Delete Data From the Internet (Social Media)

How to Delete Data From the Internet (Social Media)

Clearing Internet data is often what we want to do. We often think of that inappropriate photo on Facebook or Instagram, of that reckless tweet that, even if we delete it immediately or after a while, is forever collected in some search engines on the internet. 

So, perhaps you are one of those who are fed up with so much social display and want to end your life on the web or one of those who want to give yourself a second chance and start from scratch. 

Therefore, one of the big questions we ask ourselves is how we can eliminate all the information about us on the internet, suppressing the digital image that can persecute us and even be harmful.

At the same time, doubts may arise when we surf the net about the pop-up windows that appear to us to continue visiting a certain web page; many times we accept them, but other times it is convenient to eliminate cookies, and that is done directly in your browser, either Google Chrome, Mozilla, Internet Explorer, Safari, etc. 

Depending on it, you will have to follow some steps or others, but the keys and basics are found in the program’s configuration. Then you will have to delete the browsing history by clicking the box to delete cookies and cache data.

Identity Cyber Insurance

Going back to the matter of deleting data from the internet, prepare time because you have to spend a lot of energy and patience on it, or if you prefer, you can take advantage of some insurance and these in their coverage would take care of doing it as Movistar’s CiberSeguro Identidad. 

Let’s start with social networks; in all of them, there is, albeit elaborately, the option to deactivate the account, a remedy that, being effective, does not manage to destroy our activity in it. 

On Facebook, to do it radically and without looking back, you should put in the search engine and read all the warnings because there will be no chance of recovery: “if you think you will never use Facebook again and you want to delete your account, we can help you do it. Please note that you will not reactivate it or recover any data or content that you have uploaded to your account. 

If you want your account to be deleted, click delete account.

On Twitter, the best option is to delete all your tweets before concluding with them; for this, several applications allow it, such as TwitWipe. After doing this, you must go to settings in your profile and then mark deactivate your account, so you will cease to exist in this community forever. 

In Google+, it is more confusing, although it is not difficult: you will have to click on the profile image, then configuration and then click on edit where you must select to disable Google+, this service will send you to another page where they will explain what this action entails, and you will be asked to agree to remove the selected services.

Online Resume

LinkedIn is the simplest platform, and you have to go directly to settings, privacy and account and close it, so your online resume will be deleted. 

In search engines, that is, disappearing from google, which is the most common, and not being able to find us on their networks is easy thanks to a ruling issued by the Court of Justice of the EU, allowing users to request the withdrawal of personal data, taking advantage of the so-called “right to be forgotten”. 

The form to request the search engine to remove this information, if it has become obsolete and is no longer relevant, is available to everyone on the web. All this allows you to delete the data on the internet and the content of another user’s site and even a website by entering the address.

So removing your fingerprint and erasing internet data is merely crafty and sometimes hard and complicated work. 

It is best to end with the email address, which is disabled in the settings. It must be the last thing because you already know that all the accounts you create on the internet require an email, and you will always receive confirmation emails. 

Sometimes with all this, it does not work since they have extorted us or stolen our digital identity pretending to be us, and they are harming us; that way, it is best to have insurance and keep our data well protected to safeguard us from further damage. Noisy in the network and civilization.


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