Artificial Intelligence and its Comparison With Human

Artificial Intelligence and its Comparison With Human

The development of technologies for artificial intelligence systems contributes to the release of production automation to a fundamentally new level. The multi-format conference on artificial intelligence explores this issue to the fullest. In parallel, conferences on other topical issues are in demand.

Artificial intelligence is the ability of a computer-controlled robot to perform responsibilities commonly connected with intelligent beings. The term is often applied to a project for developing systems endowed with human-specific intellectual processes, such as the ability to reason, generalize, or learn from past experiences. 

Machines have been helping people for a long time, and now most of the manual work is done on machine tools. The most common replacement occurs in production lines, where machines perform tasks initially assigned to humans but at a higher speed, 24/7 operation and lower costs.

These machines are programmed to perform specific tasks and do not have their own “intelligence” in the traditional sense, and they do a specific job very quickly and reliably.

Comparsion of AI and Human 

In simplistic terms, AI is a crude mapping of neurons in the brain. Signals are transmitted from neuron to neuron and, finally, are output – a numerical, categorical or generative result is obtained.

Artificial intelligence systems used today are based on logic and accurate calculations. This allows for real-time analysis of the situation and to maintain performance when changing targets. Any system with artificial intelligence combines simple elements, each of which solves a specific problem.

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Intelligence can be defined as the general mental capacity for reasoning, problem-solving, and learning. By its general nature, intelligence integrates cognitive functions such as perception, attention, memory, language, or planning. A conscious attitude to the world distinguishes natural intelligence.

Human and Artificial Intelligence Comparison

It is possible to compare human thinking with artificial intelligence based on several general parameters of the organization of the brain and machine. 

The artificial intelligence system is capable of automatically changing the control algorithm if necessary and offering more optimal and effective solutions for solving specific problems.

Artificial intelligence is helpful in the field of logistics. Such systems will help to correctly plan transportation routes and reduce the delivery time of raw materials. Intelligent systems are used in both sales forecasting and pricing management.

Already implemented systems with artificial intelligence have proven their effectiveness. They made it possible to optimize the work of production.

The introduction of AI is inextricably linked with scientific and technological progress, and the scope of application is expanding every year.

We face this every day in our life, when a large retail chain on the Internet recommends a product to us or, only opening a computer, we see an advertisement for a movie that we just wanted to watch. 


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