Google Search Dark Mode feature for Desktop is rolled out

Google Search Dark Mode feature for Desktop is rolled out

Google Search Dark Mode feature on Desktop, many desktop users, are waiting for a long time to see dark mode or dark theme for google desktop.

There’s no doubting that dark mode performs everything that seems a lot more beneficial than the light theme. There’s more limited stress on the eyes, and the dark screen looks more aesthetically pleasing.

And now, ultimately, Google has also taken on the bandwagon and is rolling out the dark mode available all over countries for Google search on Desktop.

Google had started experimenting with the new dark theme for Google Search on Desktop back in December 2020. And presently, it’s being published for Windows 10 and macOS platforms after months of testing.

However, grasp in remembrance that you might not recognize the theme yet, considering it has been rolled out for all countries yet.

Once you get it, you will see a “Dark Theme is now available” notification on Google search for the web.

Different methods to indicate if you have experienced the dark theme are by clicking on the settings button on the Google Search home page. You should be capable of seeing the dark theme option below the appearance section. You’ll be able to see a whole of three possibilities, default, light theme, and dark theme.

In terms of features, it’s identical to any other dark mode, and the white background has moved replaced with dark grey.

Google Search’s colorful logo darkly looks in white. Nearly every different app in the market now has a dark mode, be it WhatsApp, Instagram, or Facebook. It was regarding circumstances that Google Search receives one, particularly given that it’s one of the numerous utilized search engines in the world.

You should know that Google is the only search where many users use; on average, 90% of internet users use the Google search engine in their daily lives.


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