Snapchat now allows creators to display their subscriber counts

Snapchat now allows creators to display their subscriber counts

Snapchat is now letting creators publicize how numerous subscribers they have.

This is the first time Snapchat has provided its users with any public-facing metric around their followings or audiences, and it describes a visible change to the platform, as first reported by Tubefilter.

In a statement to The Verge, a Snap spokesperson stated: “We’ve listened to feedback from our creator community, and many of them displayed an interest in having the option to display that their community on Snapchat is growing,” which is why it’s getting subscriber counts visible.

Creators can choose to turn this feature on or off from their settings.

The company included creator profiles in September, which provides users on the platform more insights on their audience and assists them in coordinating with brands.

The fact that Snap’s telling its creators needed to show off their developing community with public subscriber counts implies that they want a public-facing metric to demonstrate how strong they are for brands.

On Instagram, for example, brands often look at follower counts and engagement flows to measure how big a creator is on the platform.

On Snapchat, brands would hold had to ask creators to share those aspects before engaging in a deal.

Making those metrics public streamlines that conversation and benefits creators and brands decide whether a deal might work between them. This then could lead to Snapchat growing an overall more creator-friendly platform where more influencers see an opening for business.

“Creators will be capable of experiencing the same advantages as our verified Snap Stars, with a permanent Profile, access to advanced analytics, and more that make it easier for Snapchatters to create new Creators, and for Creators to connect with their fans,” Snap had stated in its announcement.

The social media major had stated that it would be working out features such as highlights, story replies, insights, among others in the coming months for creators.

Snapchat has grown up with a new filter that holds lenses that can be used with a mobile camera and enable the person to dress up; this feature is for Halloween 2020.


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