Tips to Expand the Life of your Smartwatch

Tips to Expand the Life of your Smartwatch

Tips to extend the life of your smartwatch. The sale of smartwatches or smart watches grew like foam during the pandemic. And to this day, many continue to buy this device with multiple utilities since they have become the perfect complement to a mobile phone. 

You can control your sleep, receive emails, monitor your blood pressure, your blood oxygen, answer calls, pay in stores, listen to music, and receive notifications.

As you can see, it has become an essential element, and you have many models and brands at your disposal. Keep reading the tips to extend the life of your smartwatch in this article.

Tips to extend the life of your smartwatch

Read the instructions

Yes, we know that no one likes to spend time reading the instructions, but you will undoubtedly retain a large part of your smartwatch’s functionality. This way, you will get the most out of your device and take better advantage of all its features.

Put the tempered glass on the screen.

We do not deny that the screen of your smartwatch is resistant, which it is, but it does not cost anything to add extra protection. You only need tempered glass to prevent any blow or scratch from damaging it (which is common to happen). You have a wide variety of screen protectors in online or physical stores, and if your smartwatch is one of the usual brands, you will have no problem finding them. However, it would help if you kept in mind that it can take away some visibility from the screen, and you will notice it differently (as it happens on mobile devices).

Clean it regularly

Let’s face it, we don’t usually clean our electronic devices regularly, but it is necessary. Always do it with the smartwatch turned off and without connecting to the charger. If the watch is waterproof, you can use isopropyl alcohol; if not, a damp cloth and good drying will suffice. In either case, follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

Recharge the battery correctly

Do you allow it to reach 100% capacity before removing it from the charger? If not, little by little, you will notice that your smartwatch’s battery lasts less time. And if this action is repeated often, it will cause progressive wear that will force you to replace the battery sooner than expected.

Be careful with certain activities

Although it is a relatively resistant and durable device, it must take care of it a little more in the event of shocks or sudden temperature changes since it will not withstand humidity well (even if it is waterproof). So avoid wearing it in extreme sports, when moving, on the beach, or if you are going to make a great physical effort.

In case of theft or loss

If you want to extend the life of your smartwatch, you will have to try to protect it against theft or loss. And the best way is by increasing your security. Activate the PIN or password permanently. Apple has a location system through the mobile and the possibility of indicating that you have lost the device because your smartwatch is from this brand.

Use covers

They are not only for mobile phones, and they are very effective, although it is true that you lose some aesthetics. They are not expensive either, so keep them in mind, if not every day, at least when you are going to do an activity that could put your smartwatch at risk.

Could you update it

On many occasions, updates seem like a waste of time. But they are essential to prevent computer attacks! The smartwatch itself can activate the device update in the configuration functions of the menu.

Be careful when paying with the watch

Read well the privacy policy and the recommendations of the manufacturers. Activate notifications in the bank account to inform you of the movements made and activate two-step authentication.

Approved technical service

If you have any incident with your smartwatch, the best way to solve it is by going to an approved technical service since it offers you the maximum quality guarantee.


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