Technology an Opportunity for Inclusion Or Danger of Exclusion

Technology an Opportunity for Inclusion Or Danger of Exclusion

Technology can be a tool to eradicate inequalities and overcome social gaps, although it also runs the risk of amplifying and deepening them. By itself, it does not constitute an inclusive or exclusive factor. Still, the key that will allow it to be directed towards social inclusion is that this intention exists in its design and application.

Technology is evolving at such a speed that in a few years, we could be colonizing Mars. But let’s put our feet on the ground and discuss what concerns us. Technology: an opportunity for inclusion or danger of exclusion; sadly, this is how it is; it is in our hands to change it.

As previously discussed, technology is an important opportunity for inclusion if appropriately used. The problem is that not all homes have technology since their economy does not allow it.

This is a severe problem that, as an advanced society, we should be able to solve. Technology floods everything in its path, and it is our duty that we can all enjoy it.

An Opportunity For Inclusion or Danger of Exclusion

Today education is changing, and although in some parts they are more reluctant to submit to the new times, in other places, technology is perfectly integrated into schools. Children already enjoy an innovative education in all sectors.

For many, technology has been an essential weapon for the inclusion of all children who, due to some disability, cannot opt ​​for the traditional educational method.

Thanks to technology, a series of entirely valid educational methods have been created so that these boys and girls do not see their development delayed and opt for quality education at the same level as the rest of their classmates.

But… What happens if we can’t bring technology to all the homes that need it?

That is where the biggest problem of our current society lies right now. It becomes a weapon of social exclusion. 

We all dream that technology will be free for everyone one day, and we can enjoy it and everything that the network can offer us. But until that day arrives, we can only try to reach as many homes as possible.

Technology is the present and the future, so it must be available to everyone.

The Technology For Inclusion

Here we will talk about several apps that their sons and daughters can use to complement the education they receive in school.

There are fun apps to learn mathematics, which will delight the little ones, and they will be the ones who want to do their homework; math and intelligent pick.

We must not forget that technology in the hands of minors can be a dangerous weapon, and it never hurts to put excellent parental control on the devices of our sons and daughters to ensure that they are protected and safe.

Technology For Everyone

Although it may seem like a utopia, that should be our goal, that technology is for everyone and is in every home.

A technology of inclusion and not of social exclusion that works for everyone has its capabilities.


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