The Secret Weapon Behind the Industry’s Best Websites for Conversion

The Secret Weapon Behind the Industry’s Best Websites for Conversion

The secret weapon behind the industry’s best websites for conversion is automated browser testing. This article is a must-read if one is a serious business owner who wants to generate more revenue. It goes in-depth into how automation can help them increase their conversion rates and make more money!

1. Time and Money-Saving

Automated browser tests allow testing many things in many browsers at once. This means that one doesn’t have to manually check their site in different browsers and on different devices by themselves. If something doesn’t work as expected – it is simply rerun through the tests. Testing in multiple browsers allows catching more errors than manual checking ever could. Because of this, automated browser tests can save a lot of time and money when used right: spending less time on repetitive tasks such as running the same test over and over in different browsers and devices will let their testing team dedicate more time to creative approaches to testing, which will boost their efficiency.

2. Consistency

Having a fixed set of tests ensures that the same tests are run against one’s website each day. This allows detecting errors related to newly introduced code quickly and easily, making catching mistakes much more accessible.

3. Security

One of the most important aspects of web development is security. Introducing automated browser testing will make sure that one’s tests are conducted in a secure environment. Testing against an insecure network or sharing data between tests might expose private data, resulting in severe problems for their business, so it’s essential to have a controlled test suite.

4. Brand New Perspective on Things

Many things can go wrong with a webpage one has created – especially if they are not working alone but have a team of several people involved with making it from scratch together. Automated browser testing gives them a chance to see their website from a different perspective. If something breaks, it will tell them what the exact problem is and where it is located – this way, everyone can spot errors that they might have missed before, improving the overall quality of their web application for the user’s benefit.

5. Early Bug Detection

Having automated tests allows catching specific bugs as early as possible into the development process by running those tests regularly. This means that bugs will be detected earlier on and won’t end up going live on one’s site – which saves both time and money!

6. Easier Code Refactoring Over Time

Regularly creating new tests ensures more stable code – since whenever one makes changes to their app, tests will show if the new code breaks something that used to work before. This way, they can always feel safe about making any changes or refactoring pieces of their site’s code (which might be pretty cumbersome otherwise) because it’ll be automatically checked for them!

7. Better Overall Quality of their Web Application

As mentioned earlier – automated browser testing allows catching errors much more efficiently than manual checking ever could. When done regularly, this process helps detect usability problems and improve user experience across different browsers and devices and various operating systems by eliminating these issues from going live – resulting in a better experience.

9. Instantly see What’s going on with One’s Website

The feedback from automated tests only takes seconds – instead of waiting for manual checks, which can take hours, sometimes even days. This means that they can instantly spot errors in the current state of their web app and fix them as soon as they appear – preventing any inconveniences caused by mistakes getting live on their site.

10. Improve Code Quality across Different Browsers

Last but certainly not least, automated browser testing will help one ensure that their website looks and works the same on all major browsers. This way, they can be sure that users will have a consistent experience regardless of what device they use to access content on their site – which is crucial for any business nowadays.

So, these were some fantastic advantages of automated browser testing.


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