Now Facebook users can listen to Spotify podcasts from Facebook

Now Facebook users can listen to Spotify podcasts from Facebook

Facebook is developing its in-app podcast player, and the organisation confirmed that. This command is separate from its new in-app Spotify player. 

Facebook is performing it more comfortable than never to leave its app. The company’s business with Spotify is beginning to fruition in forming a mini-player for the News Feed that’ll enable people to play music and podcasts from within Facebook. 

Users can share audio content from Spotify to Facebook, and once on Facebook, audiences can squeeze play and listen to it yet as they scroll around. It’ll be available on both android and iOS and in 27 countries, including the United States, as a first market. 

Podcasters will be capable of sharing their programs through their Facebook page and will opt into making so. The specific outcome details are still unclear. 

This may run through RSS, or that creator will have a back-end process to upload their content to Facebook. This functionality is exacted to roll out within the following “few months,” according to a Facebook blog post.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg explained the Spotify partnership as essentially about “music” during a chat with Platformer writer Casey Newton last week. But Spotify’s statement about its Facebook mini-player today announces its use case for podcasts explicitly. 

Users can share episodes and admit to them from within the Facebook app without truly navigating to Spotify. But Facebook has other ideas to be more established in the podcasting ecosystem.

The company’s matter in podcasts makes insight. It maintains more than 170 million people join podcast pages, and more than 35 million people are members of fan groups throughout shows. 

Plus, podcasts are:

  • Essentially an ad-based product.
  • Meaning Facebook could collect data about programs and audiences and target its ads upon them.
  • Perhaps giving creators a portion. 

It could additionally offer creators a plan to put them back a subscription paywall, furthermore to Apple’s future Apple Podcasts Subscriptions, which it published last week. 

Facebook’s legal entry into the podcast player place would mean almost all the tech giants continue their podcast products, including Apple, Google, and Amazon, on the roof of Spotify and different added minor apps.


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