What are Featured Snippets and How to Get a Featured Snippet

What are Featured Snippets and How to Get a Featured Snippet

Featured Snippets is one of the best and essential topics in SEO because it’s necessary to get organic traffic. After all, Featured Snippets stand in the top position of SERP search results.

You may search on google about What is Featured Snippets you’ll get a box containing some little information about your particular question. It is one of the best results and quick answers to save the user time. 

You can see the example of the featured snippet ( the search query is “What is Featured snippet” and how google shows the short answer for that query): 

Featured Snippets example

Suppose you’re a daily user of Google’s search engine. In that case, you’ve possibly seen that the information presented on its search engine results pages (SERPs) is steadily emerging to meet Google’s mission to “organize the world’s data and perform it universally available and useful.” Features such as knowledge graphs, People Also Ask boxes, and featured snippets have altered the face of SEO tactics.

In 2014, Google added featured snippets, which have as enhanced a key SEO consideration. If you aren’t already optimizing your content to consider for featured snippets, you could be dropping out on significant organic traffic.

The sections of text at the head of many informational searches in Google featured snippets can make a ton of consideration toward your site. They can be a valuable influence for marketers.

What are Featured Snippets?

A Featured Snippet is a quick result striving to fulfil the user’s question without them clicking through to a particular SERP result. 

The answer is chosen from the top-ranking pages on the SERP and is presented in a block above the first organic result and under the paid ads. 

Since it is located right above the first organic search results, it is also perceived as ‘position 0’ or ‘zero position.’ If your site is picked as a featured snippet, you will be lucky to get organic traffic.

How to Get a Featured Snippet

How to rank for a featured snippet? The pillars of good SEO still utilize:

  • Create High-Quality (HQ) content.
  • Optimize your content for the best keywords.
  • Get backlinks from other websites with high domain authority (DA).
  • Present a good user experience.

Research by Ahrefs shows that 99.58% of featured snippets get from pages already ranking in the top 10 search results. 

But, those pages aren’t significantly ranking in the #1 position. STAT reports that 70% of featured snippets get from pages outside the first organic position. 

That suggests with a well-executed featured snippet strategy, and you could win the competition and get your website higher on the SERP.

The site that seems most frequently in featured snippets is Wikipedia, so if there’s a Wikipedia listing for your targeted search question, that may be difficult to beat. 

But a thoughtful analysis of other websites looking in featured snippets could give important insight into how to optimize your content.

Whenever a query is done, Google will show featured snippets below that query about featured snippets with a question mark(?).

keyword research

Google Trends is an excellent tool for finding trending search queries. You can likewise see your website’s top questions in Google Search Console to arrange a concept of what sort of information your audience is viewing for.

Use Structured Data Markup

Using Structured Data Markup assists the search engine in understanding your website correctly. This can increase your opportunities to rank on the Featured Snippet. However, this does not assure the same.

It depends on some other things, but Structured Data Markup is also one thing to get a featured snippet for your article. SEO is not a particular thing, and you have to do a lot of SEO analysis and focus on content.

Question-based queries

When doing keyword research to target featured snippets, concentrate on search queries formatted as questions. Several users type complete questions into search queries, and these questions are simple to identify and answer.

Use keyword tools such as Answer the Public to know a list of questions associated with your topic. 

For example, if you insert the query “how to write good content,” you’ll see a listing of related questions beginning with how, what, where, who, when, and why.

High-Quality content

The initial thing you require to know about featured snippets is that they do not avoid Google’s combined ranking system.

They are amongst the topic of organic results for a question. Because of this, it’s crucial to hold all the standard ranking terms in mind as you perform featured content.


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