Apple may launch iPhone 13 with the foldable phone in 2023, reports

Apple may launch iPhone 13 with the foldable phone in 2023, reports

Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo states Apple has ideas to launch a foldable iPhone by 2023, and the mobile could feature a screen of around 7.5-inch to 8 inches.

Kuo thinks the foldable iPhone might match that of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2, though Apple has not formally locked the design.

Kuo’s prediction means Apple isn’t significantly in a rush to begin a foldable iPhone as its rivals.

The foldable iPhone form portion is all vogue these days, and brands like Samsung, Huawei, and Motorola have previously launched foldable devices in the market. The foldable form part is still unproven due to the stability of displays and the high price of manufacturing.

According to Kuo, the mobile screen will be iPad Mini-sized when folded out, so it looks as if Apple is going for the Galaxy Fold way of having a regular-sized phone that folds out into a small tablet, rather than the Z Flip or Razr approach of owning a compact folding phone.

It’s unclear who would be performing those folding displays — there have been reports of Apple operating with both LG and Samsung.

While the reports of a model and this report from Ming-Chi Kuo show that Apple is undoubtedly working on a folding phone, it’s not something to remain around for just yet.

Kuo’s 2023 launch date is reliant on Apple doing able to figure out “key technology and mass production issues.”

As we’ve seen, folding phones can be challenging to get right. If Apple can do this foldable iPhone, though, it could be in the place to do what it does best: adopt technology after other companies have concluded out the bugs and pitfalls and release a product that looks polished in comparison.

All new iPhones will remain to include a proprietary Lightning connection for power and data, Kuo stated.

The analyst doesn’t expect Apple will move away from its Lightning on its iPhones and switch to a USB-C connector. Apple previously offers a USB-C connector on its high-end iPads but has so far abstained from abandoning the Lightning connector on its popular iPhones.


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