Better Online Ads platforms Google Ads or Facebook Ads

Better Online Ads platforms Google Ads or Facebook Ads

We recognize that small businesses usually have a limited online marketing budget and determining where to handle their ad spend money can be very challenging.

Let merely knowing the difference between Google Ads vs Facebook Ads. This is why we are applying it individually to determine and put out some clarity to this discussion once and for all. And in the process, help business owners decide which one makes the best return on their online marketing investment.

Before diving straight to the part where we inform you which one prepares you a more favorable ROI in the epic campaign of Google Ads vs Facebook Ads.

Firstly we should know what Google Ads and Facebook Ads is.

What are Google Ads?

Google Ads, known as Google AdWords, is a pay-per-click (PPC) advertising platform that runs advertisements, paid for by businesses. These ads seem in the search results on, or other websites through Google’s Search Partners or Display Network.

The advancements in technology over the years has provided us as marketers and even customers more options than we could have probably imagined in our lifetime. As a result, it has transformed how we find, deliver, and receive information. It has even developed how to shop for and purchase goods today.

Google Ads has shifted one of the world’s largest and most successful pay per click advertising platforms. Meaning advertisers on this program only pay when a user clicks on their ad. There is also an option of Impressions if you want to pay for impressions, it’s also acceptable.

What are Facebook Ads?

It’s the same as Google Ads, but it will display ads on Facebook, not on other websites. Facebook has shifted highly competitive over the years, with the highest amount of monthly active users of any social media platform generating the optimal space for a kind of business to advertise on.

Google Ads are commonly referred to as paid search; then Facebook Ads most surely have been provided with the title of paid social. Shifting consumer practices and guides have undeniably presented rise to social media giants that let customers connect with their friends, voice concerns about their activities, and involve with topics and businesses they relish.

The most significant advantage of Facebook over Google is the point that it understands our social behavior. We may not be completely aware of it, but we subconsciously communicate information on Facebook personally more than what we expect to.

Google Ads vs Facebook Ads:

Google Ads, with its paid search based presents, lets business owners or Marketing team target users based on the search inquiry they enter on Google, also known as keywords. Fundamentally text-based, these ads are pointed at conferring significant promoted results to users that can assist them in their search additional.

When they search a Google search for a particular keyword, they are display pages of results that are usually less than one second.

Facebook lets, you target your ads to somebody based on the behaviors and patterns you want as a targeting profile on its program.

Unlike Google Ads, it is not based on a user’s search query. Not only does it present a wide range of targeting options based on demographics, but it also allows an advertiser to target users based on their behaviors, likes, and dislikes.

Both Google Ads and Facebook ads matter to your business; we shouldn’t compare these advertising platforms these two are equal in their perspective.


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