SteelSeries new Arctis 9 wireless headset for the PS5 and PC

SteelSeries new Arctis 9 wireless headset for the PS5 and PC

The latest version of the SteelSeries Arctis 9 wireless gaming headset is available for $199.99. The design and feature assortment is nearly a precise match to the SteelSeries Arctis 9X.

But while the Arctis 9X supports the Xbox One and is first compatible with Xbox Series S / X, the new Arctis 9 is fit with the PC and PlayStation 4, with adaptability for the PS5 ensured at launch.

And while the Arctis 9X doesn’t need a dongle to connect to the Xbox, the Arctis 9 requires the added USB receiver that you can toggle from PC to PlayStation, depending on the platform you’ve plugged it into.

Otherwise, the new headset has the corresponding part of 20-hour battery life and the capacity to be connected via 2.4GHz wireless and Bluetooth together. It’s excellent if you need to listen to podcasts or take calls on your phone while you listen to your game audio.

The buttons on this new headset are also durable, with a chat and game audio mix dial that’s readily accessible on the backside of the left ear cup.

Regrettably, this feature is currently available only on PCs due to the way Sony handles presently routing game audio and chat audio via USB on its PlayStation consoles. The left ear cup also includes a retractable boom microphone.

Everything else is housed over on the right ear cup. That’s where you’ll find a 3.5mm jack that gives the option for wired listening, a Micro USB port for charging, buttons for turning on the headset, and pairing it via Bluetooth, a mute mic button, and, ultimately, a master volume dial.

We’ve been noticing an uptick in gaming headsets from organizations that require to be ready for next-generation consoles.

While brands like SteelSeries and Turtle Beach appear to be waiting for the course of releasing headsets made especially for each platform, other benefits like the Audeze Penrose and the Astro A20 Gen 2 can work with both consoles that are, if you have wireless receivers for both the Xbox Series S / X and PS5.

I anticipate to see even more headsets coming this autumn as the consoles near their launch, so there won’t be a lack of options to choose between if you’re in the market.


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