The most valuable Android & iOS apps of 2020

The most valuable Android & iOS apps of 2020

A smartphone is not a smart mobile phone if it does not take benefit of the wide variety of applications that are available on platforms such as the Google Play store or the App Store for iOS devices.

But precisely because of the large number of apps that exist, it can be somewhat challenging to know which of them are the most fitting for the uses that each user wants to give them. If this is your case, you are in the right article.

Below, we list some applications divided into various categories created to chat with friends, edit photos, listen to free music, play games, check the newest news, gadgets, check your bank balance, and much more.

WhatsApp Messenger

One of our favourite messaging apps is WhatsApp since apart from being free, it enables you to send and receive messages, photos, videos, and voice memos, as well as make voice calls and video calls. WhatsApp is one of the most used apps in all over the world; Facebook Company owns WhatsApp.


For Android users, Skype is an excellent option for FaceTime on iOS devices, since it also enables you to make video calls with one or more people at the same time. It also adds a chat system.


Instagram is a social app that allows users to share their images, videos and people can also be live on Instagram. Apps to edit photos would be useless if you could not brag about them through social networks. Instagram allows you that and much more since you can also add effects to your images, share videos, and make live shows. Facebook owns Instagram.


If your mobile does not include the YouTube app, you will want to download it to reach the millions of videos also available on the web and listen to music from this platform in the background while using other applications. Most people use Youtube to have fun while watching videos.


Update your resume anytime for the job, anywhere with the LinkedIn app, with which you can also be the initial to sign up for the latest offers or respond instantly when a recruiter contacts you.


If, on the other hand, you want to find new artists and albums, you should make utilization of Spotify, the streaming music player par excellence. You can use it for free or opt for its Premium account with many more extra features.

Amazon Kindle

Install the Amazon Kindle app on your Android to access thousands of electronic books from your smartphone. You will no longer have an excuse for not reading on the way to work since the only thing you will have to do something you now do: check your mobile.


Don’t also forget to download the PayPal app if you have an account connected with this platform. Thus, it will be much more comfortable for you to check your latest transactions, as well as make payments and make transfers to other bank accounts. Most of the users use Paypal to transfer money from other countries.


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