Instagram Reels are Good Option for Content Strategy

We discussed Instagram Reels and why you should integrate them into your strategy (if you still need to do so). This video format is booming on the platform and is becoming more important every day in brands’ digital strategies due to its effectiveness.

What are Reels, and why are they important in your digital strategy?

Reels are short videos in a vertical format that have been gaining popularity on Instagram for some time. They could be Facebook’s (now known as Meta) answer to the success of TikTok. As you may have noticed, Reels and TikTok share surprising similarities.

Key Reels Features

As mentioned, the Reels are presented in a video format, with an aspect ratio of 9:16 and a display resolution of 1080x1920px. When this new format was launched, the maximum duration it supported was 15 seconds. Still, currently, the duration of the Reels can reach up to 90 seconds. This increase in time clearly shows Instagram’s interest in encouraging the creation of Reels, providing more opportunities for creativity and highlighting the importance of this format.

The balance between entertainment and information

Reels are designed to entertain. If the CEO says it, you should listen to him. So, it would help if you entertained your audience through Reels. However, you can also inform. That’s why we talk about balance. When creating informative videos that add value, use entertainment to convey the message. How do you do this? Make sure to make a flat video with identity. Joy and dynamism, use ingenuity; let it not be a newscast.

Key factors to maximize your Reels

Here, I present some recommendations to improve the organic reach of your Reels and achieve a significant impact on your audience. What you will read below is not miraculous; the Instagram algorithm (of which we could make another post or several) can also influence your activity on the network, how users interact with your profile, etc. You should try to record the videos at the highest quality possible. However, these tips will help you make the most of the potential of Reels:

Use relevant hashtags

Hashtags will increase your organic reach, whether a lot or a little. What hashtags should you use? Take advantage of those that speak to your target audience and help you stand out. Also, consider adding location tags to attract local traffic. Remember to place hashtags in the comments to keep the main text clean.

Music matters

Using current or “famous” music helps. More than famous, using audio that has already been used in the creation of many other Reels is beneficial. How do you identify that audio? Look at the upward arrow next to the song name to identify relevant and attractive audio.


If your business is local, geopositioning yourself in your Reels can effectively attract traffic from your area.

Capture attention in three seconds

Remember that the first three seconds are crucial to retaining the viewer’s attention. Create a powerful opening hook that captures their attention and motivates them to view the content.

Content ideas for your Reels

While these are just ideas, they can serve as a starting point for creating engaging and effective short videos. Don’t limit your creativity and find ways to adapt these suggestions to your business:

Unboxing of a product

Show the process of opening and presenting a product to generate buzz and pique the interest of your audience.

How do you perform a service?

Create videos showing how you perform your services effectively, highlighting the benefits and value you provide your clients.

Share helpful tips and tricks

Provide practical and valuable information to your audience, offering advice to help them daily.

Show your facilities

Allow your followers to see the environment in which you work, generating trust and transparency in your brand.

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