Artificial Intelligence in Social Media Strategy – How to Use It

Artificial Intelligence is a technology capable of acting and thinking in a very similar way to human beings. However, when applied to social networks, artificial intelligence can create marketing strategies by itself, produce content, publish posts, and analyze results as if it were a person. Therefore, it is an excellent support for professionals dedicated to carrying out all these tasks.

However, today, this technology requires the supervision of a human to function correctly, thus being a great support tool and not a replacement for human work.

Suppose you are thinking of including technologies such as AI in your social media strategy in this article. In that case, we will tell you why it is a good idea and what the best way to do it is, and we will recommend the best artificial intelligence tools designed for social media.

Why use Artificial Intelligence in social networks?

Let’s start at the beginning. Before getting into the subject and knowing how to implement this technology in the best possible way in your business, you must be aware of all the benefits it can bring you:

Knowing them, you will see if it is really what you need at this moment.

  • Time Savings: AI is capable of automating many mechanical processes that would take a significant amount of time for team members. Regarding social networks, you can be in charge, for example, of publishing content, writing the first version of a text or speeding up the creation of a social media strategy by giving content ideas.
  • Investment optimization: There are exciting AI tools on the market for an affordable price or directly, for free. Therefore, if you need to reduce expenses in your social media strategy, they can be exciting and a great alternative to other types of tools or methodologies.
  • Increased creativity: This technology can bring a lot of innovative ideas and inspire your teams when they have a creative block.
  • Improve content targeting: AI can analyze the interests of your audience and inform you about what type of content they are most attracted to so you can create a more personalized strategy.
  • Analysis of results: Artificial intelligence tools are designed specifically to analyze the performance of social media posts, offering a large amount of data. It is exciting to know what works and what doesn’t and thus create more effective strategies. At the same time, it is capable of extracting patterns and predicting future trends, which is very useful for staying ahead of the competition and generating powerful long-term strategies.

How to apply artificial intelligence in your social media strategy

AI tools are like any other platform that we decide to include in our social media marketing strategy. Therefore, it is necessary to have a plan on how to integrate them into our methodology. Otherwise, they can generate more problems than solutions.

In this section, we want to give you some advice so that you can include AI in your social media strategy in the best way possible.

Establish your objectives: first of all, you must be clear about what you want to improve by integrating an AI tool into your work methodology. Helping your editorial team speed up content creation, having deeper analytics on the results of your publications, supporting the community manager or making a better selection of influencers to collaborate with are some of the objectives with which the AI can help you.

1. Once your goal is established, there are no tools that can really help you achieve it. In this situation, consider other means, such as hiring professionals, outsourcing or locating different types of platforms.

2. Do an exhaustive search: You should stick to something other than the first tools you hear about or that you find on the internet. We recommend that you do an in-depth search both in search engines and by consulting professionals. Then, once you have gathered the ones that seemed most interesting to you, it is time to analyze each one individually and compare them to choose the one that best suits your needs and budget.

3. Train your team: The professionals in your company may need time to adapt to this new tool and learn how to use it. In that sense, it is interesting to invest in training and, if necessary, also hire a professional expert in the tool who can lead its use. But if you want to avoid going through this process, we recommend opting for a tool that your team already knows.

4. Analyze performance: It is essential to check if the selected tool is helpful within the company. To do this, we recommend that you compare the results you have obtained with it with the results before use. If the data is not favourable, first of all, it is best to check that it is being used appropriately. If this is the case, it is best to check what your weak point is and select another platform that covers that aspect that the other could not.

However, throughout this process, it is essential to be patient rather than looking for instant results. Integrating a tool into a methodology is always a challenge, and time must be given to demonstrate its full potential. Consider a platform valid ahead of time.

5. Find the balance: Today, in the field of digital marketing, Artificial Intelligence must be seen as a tool that supports and enhances human work. Therefore, it is crucial to create a strategy in which these platforms are integrated to enable professionals to give a better version of themselves.

6. Stay up to date: AI is a constantly evolving technology. In that sense, tools may emerge that can help you better. Or, even the tool you are using may make improvements. You must stay up to date with the evolution of this technology to be able to extract the full potential of this valuable resource.

Best Artificial Intelligence tools for your social media strategy

Now that you know why it is interesting to integrate AI tools into your social media strategy and what the appropriate way to do it is, we want to recommend what we consider to be some of the best platforms with this technology.

We have selected very varied tools so that there is a greater chance that you will find one that suits your needs.


ContentStudio is a social media management tool that has built-in AI-powered content creation functionality.

This functionality helps you improve your text, select the most relevant hashtags of the moment and generate images from a written description.

The best thing is that it can be integrated into a wide variety of social networks, allowing you to create content for all of them from a single tool.


Canva is a graphic design tool that allows anyone without knowledge in this field to create designs, offering an immense number of templates and graphic resources (both free and paid).

With the boom in AI, Canva began to introduce this type of technology into its platform, allowing users to generate images from text, edit photos, produce and edit videos, and even generate text with its “Magic Write” tool. ”.

But one of its most exciting additions is “Magic Design”, a functionality developed with AI that creates original designs from resources such as an image. By simply entering a photo into the tool, Magic Design produces an entire template with a unique design and style.

You can use it to create graphic resources for your social media strategy in just a few minutes.


This is a social media management tool. In this case, it uses AI to help professionals generate content calendars , offering ideas for each day of the year. In addition, it also integrates AI into its text and image creation functionalities.


Sprinklr is a customer relationship management program that has developed a social listening tool powered by Artificial Intelligence.

With it, you can know what your audience is most interested in on each of your channels and understand the shortcomings of your most direct competition.

The most exciting thing about Sprinklr is that it puts context into the conversations your followers have so that your team doesn’t have to spend time reading comments. It even quickly identifies brand risks to reduce response time and the risk of reputational crisis.


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