Best Apps For Video Calls – Android and iOS

Technology can never replace kisses, hugs, or personal contact. Teleworking, contacting those we love most, and even giving us moments of leisure and entertainment.

Can you imagine not being able to leave home and not having a mobile phone or Internet? Can you imagine being locked up with a two-channel television? In a globalized and developed world, it is imperative to have this type of technology.

Video calls are one of the most used communication tools because they allow us to get closer to our loved ones rather than simply talking on the phone. That is why today, we want to tell you that there is life beyond WhatsApp and Skype video calls, and we offer you other apps to communicate with your family and friends.

Are you interested in knowing what they are? So let’s get to it…


A relatively recent success. Its free version allows up to 100 participants, although limited to 40 minutes. It does not need registration, and you can access this app via the web, iOS, or Android. Its most outstanding functions are screen sharing, changing the wallpaper, desktop sharing, or recording calls. One of the favorites of the working world.

Facebook Messenger

It admits many participants, although it is possible that you will not be able to see all the faces. To make a video call through this application, you just have to create a group chat and call. It allows up to 50 people, although you will only see 6 on the screen, and it is available for iOS and Android. Quick and simple.


They say that it is the most informal version of Skype, and since it is from Google, almost anyone can use the application because it uses any service browser. The video call allows up to 10 people to see each other on the screen, which is free. Also available for iOS and Android. In addition, you can make the video call from its web version, offering sound, audio, and video quality.


It started only for the PC version but ended on Android mobiles. It has the excellent audio quality and allows a group call of up to 12 people who can also be seen on the screen.


A classic for creating conference rooms. When you make the room, all the participants receive a link to enter. It is more used for work purposes, but you can use it more informally. It consumes very little battery power, supports up to 12 people, and is available for iOS and Android. We do not recommend it for beginners in video calls.

The same operation as the previous one does not require registration, and you only need a link to participate. Also more focused on professional meetings, it allows up to 8 people (12 in the paid version) and is available for iOS and Android.


It is currently the star in many countries and works great for video calls. We perhaps like less than you know when someone has opened the app and is available to talk. You will have up to 8 people on-screen, and it is also available for iOS and Android.

Face Time

It is the option for voice calls and video calls from Apple, with which you have 32 people on the screen.

Google Duo

Relatively recent, it allows group calls of up to 8 people, with a web version, and is available for iOS and Android. It has a low light mode, so everything works correctly even in these conditions.


It has been bursting with force in recent years; it is free and allows up to 50 video calls. It has many functions, so you will enjoy a very versatile app.


An application is perhaps more unknown but relatively veteran regarding video calls. You don’t need registration or an account, just enter its website, write the channel’s name and share that address with the chosen participants. Up to 12 participants at a time.


If you want to make video calls with a fun touch, you can use this app that allows 15 people simultaneously. You can only use it through your mobile phone.


It was born as an alternative to Whatsapp, and in terms of video calls, it may be more effective than the messaging giant. It has emojis and stickers with an entertaining anime touch.


It is our next free video call app and has a very intuitive and easy-to-use interface.


Another classic of these lists. You can write messages, call by VoIP and make video calls. The most important thing about this app is its quality since it works perfectly despite not being as well known as the previous ones.

If you want to get out of the world of Whatsapp and consider other options, we think that trying which one you like the most will take a while. Always remember to choose the one that suits your needs (do not choose tools for 50 participants if you are going to be 5 or 6 usually).


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