Five Advantages of Cloud Computing For Companies

Five Advantages of Cloud Computing For Companies

According to experts, assessing the advantages of cloud computing is positioned as a strategic action within the IT departments in organizations. It has become the preferred choice for companies to store up to 50% of the generated data. 

Sometimes 48% of that amount is confidential but not encrypted. This entails a breach of the data protection law and exposes the company to the payment of millions in penalties. Therefore, the use of this storage system is very positive.

5 Advantages of Cloud Computing For Companies

Today, and as a result of the significant advances in cloud technology, the truth is that the advantages of cloud computing in the environment of any company are innumerable. Undoubtedly, multiple benefits that do not do if they do not respond to the demands of the market and the strong business competitiveness of the current moment:

The savings: The hiring of personalized storage service and the installation of the corresponding management software amount to around 53,000 euros. There are services that charge, depending on each particular case, from 46 euros per month. 

So it is possible to save up to 90% of the cost of the physical storage alternative. According to a recent study, a small business loses up to a month of work a year from repairing its storage systems. Outsourcing and automating them is an essential aid to improving competitiveness.

The possibility of customization: Cloud computing is characterized by its adaptability to any company. Its cost is directly proportional to the type of service you want to enjoy and the amount of data to store. Being a scalable option, it is only necessary to pay for the service used, which allows you to save an exciting amount per month. 

In addition, it is possible to choose the options for which you want to pay on specific dates since the systems include an easy-to-use control panel. Thus, it is much easier to include the related expense and ROI percentage in the monthly budget.

Its effectiveness: Physical storage systems need to be updated periodically. This process entails a loss of work hours that are difficult to recover. Must also pay a technician to monitor them. The cloud storage system is automatically updated, which guarantees that it will always use the latest version. In addition, you can enjoy the possible modifications that have been made. The maintenance latency time can reach a maximum of two hours per year, so the system’s efficiency is unquestionable.

Increased mobility: Access to stored data is automatic from any device. It is no longer necessary to consult a specific computer in the office. Any employee can access what they need from their mobile phone, tablet, or laptop. All this reduces the cost of travel, diets, and associated expenses.

Unlimited capacity: Each physical hard drive installed has a specific capacity. Acquiring new hard drives, equipment, and others is still an unaffordable periodic expense. It is possible to store unlimited data in the cloud, and it is not necessary to have an updated computer for consultation. It is possible to multiply the current storage capacity with the same computer equipment by 100. Thus, competitiveness is gained, and employees are provided with access to the information they need.

An Alternative to Guarantee the Security

The protection of stored data may be one of the reasons that cause a specific rejection of cloud computing. Luckily, there are already services that offer encryption of the most critical data to prevent it from being seen by cybercriminals. In addition, a backup of everything stored is made every 24 hours.

Similarly, it is possible to recover the backup by clicking on the corresponding section of the control panel. This last aspect is a huge money saver. It avoids hiring a technician to check the hard drives and take the appropriate actions to recover the lost documentation. 

Either by accident or by an external agent, the stored information is always encrypted to prevent a hacker from stealing it. The data protection update is also automatic, which allows you to continue uploading information safely without fear.

The Effectiveness of Cloud Computing Against Ransomware

Continuing to bet on physical storage, thinking that it is the safest alternative is still an idea that is not recommended. In the first place, to maintain that security, it is necessary to renew the corresponding software every two years. 

And secondly, the increase in the use of ransomware in 2020 has caused cybercriminals to have made $100 million extorting companies. They coerce them into paying to recover the data they had stored on their hard drives.


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