How to Find Lost Smartphone Both Android and iPhone Locater

How to Find Lost Smartphone Both Android and iPhone Locater

Several apps on the Google Play Store can be a lifesaver if you need to find a lost phone or a stolen phone.

Missing your smartphone is the ultimate stressor. Our devices carry most of our private information and possibly sensitive data.

If lost or stolen, that can mean destructive results. If you use an Android device, there are steps to obtain its location if it finishes up out of your support.

We rely on our smartphones for everything from monitoring bank balances to creating perfect social media posts; missing one can perform a considerable problem.

How to Find Lost or Stolen Mobile

In today’s digital world, it’s not just the financial damage that might bother you about missing a mobile device, but the information loss is more difficult for anyone.

If you’ve ever lost your smartphone or you have a habit of neglecting your phone nearby, you need to get a location-tracking app.

Apple has made a phone-finding tool right into its iOS operating system. The “Find My” app, which allows you to track down a lost iPhone, iPad, or any other Apple device, relies on your Apple ID, so make sure to remember your password or secure it in a prominent password manager.

Tool for Tracking Lost iPhones – mSpy!

There’s a tool utilised principally for parental direction but can better track down a lost iPhone. More than that, the software monitors SMS, calls, GPS locations, maps, WhatsApp messages, etc.

You can practice it for really anything, and it provides your iPhone’s location correctly. Data is updated every 5 minutes, indicating that you will get an exact location.

Find My Device App for Android Users

Google’s Find My Device app is a necessity-have for Android users and one of our popular Android apps.

Find My Device will be recognised automatically if you’ve joined a Google Account to your Android device. You can check that the service operates by continuing to Settings > Google > Security > Find My Device and making sure Find My Device is toggled on.

The app performs it easy to find your lost device, and it’s free to download from the Play Store.

After installing the app, it will require you to log in, and secure location tracking is allowed. Once the app is installed and operating, you can find your device,


Life360 is an all-in-one location-tracking app that encourages you to track the location of your misplaced phones or tablets. Thanks to its location-sharing point, it also enables you to wait connected with your colleagues and group members.


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