How to Effectively Ramp Up an Outsourcing Software Development Team

How to Effectively Ramp Up an Outsourcing Software Development Team

Courtesy of the pandemic that took the world by storm, things are no longer the same. With the events settling slowly to the new normal, “remote” is the term we’re all used to! With the in-house teams moving their workspaces to home, the ultimate question is, how does one effectively ramp up a remote software development

Interestingly, this question serves the common interest of both in-house and outsourcing companies. After all, managing an outsourcing software development isn’t an easy task; you have to be at the top of your skills to ensure proper management. 

To help you better, here’s a comprehensive guide on effectively managing your remote development team. Let’s get started with the essential tips that’ll help you bridge the distance and keep your in-house or outsourcing development team accountable, productive, and efficient.

Tips to Ramp Up Your Remote Software Development Team

a. Word around the multiple time zones:

When you have to manage operations with a remote team, preferably miles away, the best possible solution is to leverage the “golden hours” or the overlapping hours between your time zones. This way, you can easily calculate the time difference and utilize it for your team.

For example, suppose your organization is situated in London (UTC) and has your outsourcing software development partner located in Ukraine (UTC+2). In that case, you can leverage the 2-hour difference by moving all your other meetings on or after those two hours. 

b. Create a well-defined work procedure:

You can’t expect real-time communication when working with a remote team. Therefore, it is always smart to create a clear framework of the process you expect your team to lead. 

Creating clear project guidelines for teamwork, productivity, and accountability helps your outsourcing team to understand the task in detail better and align with your goals. However, to ensure proper success with a well-defined procedure, ensure that you review the project requirements attentively and have laid the framework precisely. 

c. Leverage video meetings:

Live face-to-face meetings play a crucial role when you’re trying to build a solid rapport with either of your in-house or outsourced team. When you leverage the new communication methods, you establish trust and provide your team with a chance to open up about their issues or hurdles in operations. This way, you’re at better chances of meeting the deadlines attentively. 

We suggest you hold weekly face-to-face meetings with every individual employee of your remote team. At the end of each meeting, try finding the answers to: 

● Are the developers satisfied with their working environment?

● Are they satisfied with the current project? If not, what are the hurdles they’re facing in operations?

● As a manager, what can you do to resolve the issues at the earliest?

d. Avoid micro-management:

Micro-management is yet another major hurdle to the success of your outsourced project development. It’s doubtful that some random team of developers you collaborate with within a virtual environment will understand your nature of work and immediately deliver effective results. 

The key to success here is to avoid micro-management. Try to form clear communication with your team and highlight your goals and pain points instead of solutions. This way, you encourage your team to get into the process in a more precise manner.

That’s a Wrap!

So, this was our brief but pain point when dealing with an in-house or outsourced remote development team. While it can be a bit challenging to manage remote teams, it comes with numerous benefits. How? With proper management skills, one can easily ramp up with some of the best developers worldwide.

Remember, with the latest communication tools; there are no barriers in the SaaS field anymore! You no longer need an on-premise team to do wonders for your next software development project.


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