Apple latest TV lets you play any TV audio by a Homepod speaker

Apple latest TV lets you play any TV audio by a Homepod speaker

Apple is proceeding to combine new functionality, the company might have discontinued the original, full-size HomePod smart speaker, but it will add some new functions.

The most advanced one relies on you also purchasing the new, second-generation Apple TV 4K yet.

If you hold both products, there’s no built-in support for HDMI ARC and eARC, which grants the HomePod to play audio from other devices plugged into your TV, not simply an Apple TV streaming box. Gaming consoles should run; the equivalent goes for Blu-ray players or even added streaming gadgets.

The feature can be allowed in the “video and audio” section of the Apple TV settings menu. There you’ll notice a field labeled “Audio Return Channel (beta),” where you can order the Apple TV to track all television audio through HomePod speakers.

Only some tested this yet, so particularly we can’t discourse to any latency concerns that could oppose its demand for gaming. Still, it’s correct to see the HomePod getting new tricks even after Apple has officially declared an end to sales of the product. You can, however, get them at retailers, including Apple itself.

This advanced development of home theater features is also a sign that Apple could have more extra speakers in the pipeline. Bloomberg published last month that the firm is in the beginning stages of development on a product that connects an Apple TV, speaker, and camera.

The $99 HomePod Mini attains as the lone smart speaker that Apple is actively selling for now. Regrettably, that device does not carry the new audio return channel feature detailed above.


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