Gaming Monitors launching by Gigabyte with HDMI 2.1 and TV sizes

Gaming Monitors launching by Gigabyte with HDMI 2.1 and TV sizes

Three new 4K gaming monitors will launch by Gigabyte for its Aorus brand, specific features HDMI 2.1, the slightly hard-to-find display connector that provides for great refresh rate gaming at 4k.

Gigabyte is the famous name for holding the best tech possible in TVs or monitors, and all three have desk-dominating sizes.

According to a press release posted by VideoCardz, the monitors will also highlight VESA’s HDR 1000 standard and proceed in three sizes: 32, 43, and a mind-boggling for a gaming monitor nevertheless.

The 48-inch version is a few different, and it established off a firestorm of controversy at The Verge, so let’s set it down for just one moment.

The 32- and 43-inch monitors, called the FI32U and the FV43U, will feature 144Hz panels individually. Gigabyte is further requiring that FI32U will have a 0.5ms reply time, which looks like it to perform as one of the more active 4K gaming monitors out there.

FV43U has a more moderate 1ms response time; that’s something even the most eagle-eyed and aggressive gamers would have problems regarding.

The 48-inch model, dubbed the FO48U, is somewhat different from the extra two. Besides dumping the refresh rate from 144Hz to 120Hz, it’s also the size of a TV more at a residence in an entertainment center.

Especially the 48-inch model of LG’s CX OLED TVs, which experiences several of the identical specs as Gigabyte’s version, from the HDMI 2.1 inputs to the 120Hz refresh valuation.

OLED performs it sort of difficult to understand why anyone needs to go with it over LG’s TV, particularly considering you could go out and purchase LG’s version right now.

And despite declaring it a “monitor,” it doesn’t appear like Gigabyte requires many people to use this on a desk; its website clearly states it’s for “your gaming space or living room.”

Yet, LG’s 48-inch TV has had numerous progress in the last year as a monitor for people who want to remain very close to the action.

There’s no uncertainty. It’d be immersive, at least continuously. You had to move your neck to view the minimap or other HUD elements.

But if Gigabyte is performing for a TV experience, what is it happening that LG doesn’t already have? G-Sync and FreeSync? LG’s got it.

These are the cheaper price due to less processing power and smart features? Gigabyte hasn’t announced the prices for the monitors, but we’re skeptical that it’ll finish up being cheaper.


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