Telegram can now import WhatsApp chat conversations

Telegram can now import WhatsApp chat conversations

Telegram has joined the facility to import your chat history from WhatsApp, Line, and KakaoTalk to Telegram, which means you won’t drop past conversations if you require to switch messaging services.

Telegram stated that the feature is also available for Android. Alongside WhatsApp. On iOS you can import chats from WhatsApp into the latest version (7.4.1) of Telegram & maintain the conversation, so long as several WhatsApp user has a Telegram account.

The extension of the import feature appears as Telegram reaches considerable improvements in user numbers, with the assistance now boasting over 500 million active users worldwide.

The situation appears to be WhatsApp’s new privacy policy, which aided privacy matters about the Facebook-owned messaging app WhatsApp “WhatsApp next delayed the introduction of the new policy, and maintains it won’t affect the security of users chats or profile data“.

For users bouncing ship from WhatsApp to Telegram, taking their chat histories with them involves one fewer obstacle to switching.

The import method operates on a chat-by-chat basis but seems to work for both person and group conversations, at least with WhatsApp.

To import a chat from WhatsApp on iOS, open the appropriate conversation, and tap the group or person name from the top of the discussion to begin its info screen. From there, the (Export Chat) option opens the iOS Share Sheet, where you’ll view the option to select Telegram. After that choose a Telegram chat to import the conversation into.

Meanwhile, on Android, Telegram notes that can see the WhatsApp “Export Chat” option can see the WhatsApp “Export Chat” option by tapping the three-dot button on the top right of a chat and then choose “More.”

Any messages imported into chats have a little “Imported” label on them regarding when formerly sent them and when they took them into Telegram, and messages are visible to all chat members.

You can choose the option of the choice of importing WhatsApp chat histories with or without their pictures. Imported messages appear in the implied order rather than in the order sent them initially sent them.

Telegram’s support for imported chat histories appears alongside a handful of other kinds of life enhancements for the messaging service, like adjusting volumes for individual voice chat participants or stating “fake groups or channels” trying to represent famous people organizations.


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