Strategic Management Process and Important Features

Strategic Management Process and Important Features

Strategic Management is a surge of choices and activities which lead to the advancement of a successful procedure or systems to help accomplish corporate targets. The Strategic Management process is how planners decide destinations and settle on strategic choices. Strategic Management can be found in different kinds of associations, business, administration, agreeable, government, and such.

Strategic Management can be characterized as “the craftsmanship and study of planning, executing, and assessing cross-practical choices that empower an association to accomplish its targets.” Strategic Management centres around coordinating management, advertising, fund/bookkeeping, creation/activities, innovative work, and PC data frameworks to make authoritative progress.

The term Strategic Management is utilized interchangeably with the name of Strategic Planning. The latter time is all the more regularly used in the business world, though the previous is frequently used in the scholarly world.

At the time, the term Strategic Management is utilized to allude to methodology detailing, execution, and assessment, with strategic arranging alluding just to system plan. The motivation behind Strategic Management is to misuse and make new and various open doors for tomorrow’s long-extend arranging conversely attempts to streamline for tomorrow the patterns of today.

A Strategic Plan is, fundamentally, an organization’s course of action. Similarly, as a football crew needs a decent strategy to get an opportunity for progress, an organization must have a proper strategic arrangement to have the option to finish effectively. A vital arrangement results from intense administrative decisions among various great other options, and signs duty to explicit markets, approaches, methods, and activities in the line of different, “less alluring” blueprints.

Strategic management is a study of the management of systems. Subsequently, it manages various sorts of procedures, i.e., multiple kinds of choices. Different circumstances, multiple difficulties, multiple chances, or various issues require various types of systems to be shaped and executed. In this way, it is merely not adequate to place all the methodologies in a single class.

Strategic Management – Framework:

Planning and Analysis

This is the beginning stage of strategic arranging. It comprises of doing a situational examination of the firm in the natural setting. At this stage, the firm discovers its relative market position, corporate picture; it’s quality and shortcomings and ecological dangers and openings. This is otherwise called a SWOT analysis.

Strategy Formulation

This is a procedure of objective setting for the association after it has finished its vision and mission.

Alternative Selection

Here the association manages the different strategic options it has.


Out of the considerable number of options produced in the prior stage, the association chooses the best appropriate option by its SWOT investigation.

Implementation and Control

This is an execution and control phase of an appropriate system. Here again, the association ceaselessly does a situational examination and rehashes the steps as required.

Strategic Management Important Features

Strategic management is a consistent procedure of dynamic that is crucial to the very endurance, development, and flourishment of an association that adds to riches augmentation. Strategic management is not quite the same as standard management, as it is the creation of strategic choices and usage of those to get pre-determined outcomes.

These strategic issues impact the choices as management is an effective procedure. One point is to pounder that all the decisions are significant; in any case, all the options are of not of equivalent significance; consequently, they become strategic and non-strategic. As an effective procedure, strategic management is portrayed by in any event six clear focuses.

  • Strategic Issues Warrant Top Management Decisions
  • Strategic Issues Involve the Allocation of High Amounts and Resources
  • Strategic Issues are Acceptable to have Impacted on the Long Term Prosperity of the Firm
  • Strategic Issues have Importance of Multi Business
  • Strategic Issues Warrant due Weightage to the Firm’s External Environment
  • Strategic Issues are Future-Oriented
  • Strategic Management Stresses both Efficiency and Effectiveness
  • Strategic Management is a Process


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