Avoid Losing Your Hard Drives Data With the RGB –Cloning

As part of your routines, you should make a copy of your photos, videos or other files that are important to you every week. You wouldn’t be the first to lose them due to personal error or hardware failure. We bring you several Dock Stations to straightforwardly clone your storage units.

Dock Stations are a relatively unknown product, but they are really very practical. They are usually systems with two or more bays that allow backup copies of storage units to be made unattended without a computer.

They can perform a backup quickly and without other elements. Most have functions that allow you to make a complete copy of the data. It is recommended that the source and destination drive have the same capacity or that the destination drive be larger. We should never use a destination drive with a lower capacity than the source drive, as it can cause problems.

Solutions for all tastes and needs

We have been looking for different options within the Dock Station. We have found some exciting solutions, even some more than striking. Let’s see them below.


The first of the options that we have found is the most professional. This ORICO DD28U3-C docking costs 35 euros (-15%). We have a two-bay system that allows for “offline” cloning.

One of its most essential features is letting you clone storage units offline. This means we do not need to connect the dock to any computer. We have to feed the system and start copying the data. We have to use the switch on the back of the unit to do this.

This system supports 3.5-inch and 2.5-inch format storage drives, HDD, and SSD. Something exciting is that it supports hard drives of up to 20 TB per bay. The time it will take to make the copy will obviously depend on the size of the unit and the number of files.

We can also use it as a drive to connect hard drives and copy files. It would be like an external base where we can change the disks as often as possible. This is practical if we work with many documents or types of files and have them classified.

ORICO ‎5828C3-C

We sincerely believe that modern computing would have been extinct long ago if it weren’t for RGB. Now you can get this RGB dock, ORICO ‎5828C3-C, for 76 euros and save 15% by applying the available coupon. If you have a gaming setup, you need it, and if you don’t, give it life; don’t be bland.

Now, seriously, this Orico unit has two 2.5-inch and 3.5-inch bays compatible with HDD and SSD. This system supports storage drives of up to 18 TB capacity. In addition, it has an RGB halo around it to give it a more gaming look.

It features UASP data transmission acceleration technology 70% faster than USB 3.0. The only drawback of this system is that it lacks an offline clone system; it must be done from a computer.

ORICO 5 Bay Docking Station

Although the brand sells it as a dock, it is an external storage unit base. This ORICO 5 Bay Docking Station costs 129 euros, with a 19% discount.

The peculiarity of this system is that it has internal space for five storage units. Supports 3.5 and 2.5-inch hard drives, SSD and HDD, all with SATA interface. Each drive can have a maximum capacity of 18 TB, supporting 90 TB.

This system is especially interesting for offices or professionals who work with several storage units. We can install and remove them hot without significant problems. It also offers security and data protection as we can remove the drive when not in use for safety.


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