Soon, YouTube will Show the Results of Songs Just Humming the Melody

YouTube continues to work to improve the user experience and make it easier for them to view content. The Google-owned video platform is currently testing a new Android app feature that allows users to search for songs just by humming the tune.

  • The functionality is a new feature for the voice search option the company has shared.
  • This is an option with which users can search for songs simply by humming the melody or singing the lyrics of the song they are looking for for more than 3 seconds.
  • They will also be able to record a song being played at that moment to automatically search for it on the platform, in the style of ‘apps’ such as the popular Shazam, which has been among the most widely used tools for music discovery for years.

The company has shared the development of this function on its support page for functions in tests and experiments on YouTube.

There, it has been pointed out that users can switch from voice search to the new song and hum search function.

It must be considered that if users choose to record a song that is already playing to search for it later, the recording must last more than three seconds.

Likewise, as explained by YouTube, once the song is identified, the content related to the search will be opened within the application, which can be the official music video, the videos generated by the users, or the ‘shorts’ that include the said song.

This new voice search feature is part of Google’s experiments for YouTube and is currently only available to a limited number of users on the Android app. 

The company has not shared when the feature will be available for all devices. When the time comes, it is hoped that it will also be available to Internet users with Apple devices.

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