Blooket Join a Game Community – Guide to Free Sign Up and Play

Blooket is the platform for online educational purposes; most people on the internet are looking to join Blooket to learn new things with a fun activity. Blooket join can be easily just by reading this post and following the steps.

In this post, we will let our users know how to join the Blooket game cum educational platform. Just read till the last step.

Blooket join game is free; anyone with internet access can use this platform from Blooket. Anyone can access the website by following this url

Blook means a block that is an identity of a particular thing, like a character representing a player.

How is Blooket Join Beneficial to Learners?

The Blooket official site included that it’s “Level Up Classroom Engagement” means every student is keen to learn; no more boring classes if you use Blooket games for your studies.

On Blooket, you can see various review games, polling games, & some other games with questions. The student must answer that question. This type of learning interface makes booklet join very famous among learners.

Motivate Students

Booklet Join motivates the students and encourages them to participate in booklet games, reviewing the questions & answering those questions increase the knowledge of students who are poor in their studies. It has points, rewards, challenges that motivate learners to explore more questions and engage in learning more. 

Instruct Effortlessly

Teachers or Instructors can teach their newly joined students very quickly. They can customize easy questions and explain how they can solve the puzzle & answer it quickly. 


Blooket is adjustable with everything, like editing the game created, and it can edit plenty of times without any hassle. It is a new form of online classroom that enables learners to learn with a meaningful effort quickly. 

It is a favourite community of modern learners who can build their careers in the digital world; this platform can be used in schools, and tutors and parents can use it to teach their children.

How to Join a Blooket Game?

To join a blooket, you must visit the bloooket website via your laptop or PC, and it should be connected to the internet. 

1: After opening the website, click Sign Up and enter your details like Email, username, two times passwords and click sign up. 

2: You must choose either Teacher or Student; if you are an instructor, choose a Teacher. If you are a learner, click on Student. 

3: In the image below, you can see how the dashboard looks when you complete step 2. 

4: If you are a teacher, click Create a Set, you can create a question, and that question/puzzle has the answer to the student who is connected with you; it will generate a code and send that code to the student. 

5: Send that code to someone who is your student or a learner who signed up as a student.

6: If you are a student, you must ask for a joining code from your tutor or a teacher who created a question or puzzle you want to join and solve. 

7: After solving all those puzzles, you see points in your dashboard that includes a points and the result of your online exam, which was held with the Blooket join platform.

How to Create Questions on Blooket?

Below the image is the dashboard. You can see if you are creating a question; there, you can see a title, cover image, description, public or private and creation method. 

  1. Title – It is required to create a Question; here, a teacher has to write a question on which topic she will conduct a puzzle or game.
  2. Cover Image – Cover image makes it easy to recognize the Question and is helpful to students who have less knowledge of reading. There are three options to attach a photo: uploading the file or image gallery and uploading by url.
  3. Description – The teacher should fill the description box to explain the question and its instructions to the students.
  4. Privacy Settings – This option is allowed when choosing whether the questions should be for all or only limited persons.
  5. Creation Method – With this option; you can manually create the question, Quizlet import or CSV import. If you want to make it manually by typing questions, click on manual, or if you’re going to import from Quizlet, click on Quizlet or import via CSV, click on the Import CSV option.

Blooket Join – Discover Question Sets

It is an option you can see when you click on the discover on the left side of the homepage’s sidebar.

With this discover option, you see all the public question sets, and anyone can answer those questions. 

Click on Discover and click on any set to play the game of choosing the right answers.

Below is the image. You can see the question has four answers, and you have to choose the correct answer from that four answers.

You can see various puzzles and questions like Brain Testers, 3D Puzzles, Oceans and Continet names, Bar Graph, and many others. 

Popular Picks Question Sets on Blooket Join Game

There are some questions that users most played on blooket, which are in millions if we count a number and it’s still counting.

Here is the list of popular picks:

Name That Logo97,507,366 Plays
Multiplication Facts39,127,458 Plays
Guess the Kid’s TV Show Characters25,557,739 Plays
Name that Animal22,893,659 Plays
Guess the Food Quiz21,754,244 Plays
Whos That Disney Character?13,310,742 Plays
What’s That Animal?13,107,868 Plays
Minecraft Mob Quiz10,881,382 Plays
Name Disney Movies By Scene6,946,991 Plays
Football Teams Challange6,461,136 Plays
Marvel Movie Quiz6,119,608 Plays
Name That Video Game5,754,991 Plays
Name that Flag4,413,247 Plays
Know Your Blooks: Rarities4,304,923 Plays
US States4,204,723 Plays
Division Facts Practise3,297,593 Plays

Plays of the questions are still increasing, . Many students are participating in that quiz, and the counting continues.

How to Join a Game With Code on Blooket?

On Blooket, you can join a game with a blooket join code; the teacher creates that code, it also called Game ID

After receiving a game ID, go to dashboard and click on the play option; it will display you to enter a game ID. 

Below is the image. There you can see how it looks.

After entering that Game ID/Code, you can join it and play the game.

How to Join a Blooket Without a Code?

Some public games are avilable on Blooket, and everyone can play them; they have to sign up. 

Enter the website and click discover. There, you will find games /questions that can be played without code. 

Also, some private games can only be accessible with a Game ID.

Where to Find Blooket Join Codes?

Blooket Join Codes are not available on the Internet; they are only created by the one who made the Blooket user account. 

You can ask the account holder for a game ID, and then you can play the blooket game after entering the game ID.

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