Improve the Online Customer Service of Your Web Portal

When making purchases on the web, many variables allow the user to choose a site to do so. Each of these variables has a different influence on each user in the purchase process; some value the promotion, information, value, reception or access of the product and/or service in one way or another. However, all these variables must be decisive from the first to the last step of the purchase.

In the past not long ago, the buyer’s profile on the Internet was different; they only valued the price of the product and/or service. Buying online was synonymous with buying cheaper. Factors such as the website’s distribution, usability and design, shopping experience or customer service were not highly considered. 

Likewise, the options for online stores were limited, and most users needed more confidence in the cyber world to make purchases. As time goes by, things have changed, the options to buy online have increased a lot, and the user is much more experienced when browsing, collecting, and comparing information on the web.

Electronic commerce opened up a new, more global and competitive market in which the user is more demanding and valued, getting a reasonable price and establishing a link with the merchant or brand. For that reason, investing resources in building a positive interaction with our users is essential. 

This point must be the first to make sales and build customer loyalty. That is why we have outlined five points or keys to improving customer service on your website:

#1 Design a strategy

Create a customer service process that is feasible for you and your customers. First, you must evaluate if you have the necessary training, resources and time to serve your customers efficiently. With these points, you can create a convenient customer service process.

#2 Be empathetic

Most of the time, the customer who needs attention is angry. It is essential to learn to empathize with the user when initiating contact without confronting him; letting him know that you understand his problem and are willing to help is the best option. This step is part of the well-known “hostility curve,” in which it is necessary to let the customer speak for the first 5 minutes of the conversation to release their frustration.

#3 Have an answer for everything

Nothing is worse than the merchant not having a clear answer for his customer. For this reason, it is essential to have an answer to both complaints and queries. Suppose at any time the doubt cannot be resolved. In that case, transmitting security and committing to solving the question as soon as possible is necessary.

#4 Manage incidents

After dealing with the hostility, the second step to follow is to solve the problem; it is advisable to listen carefully to the client to find a solution in which he is satisfied. Another tip at this point is to raise different incidents before they happen, to be prepared in those cases.

#5 Learn from the claims

Complaints are pure gold; this is where you can improve your solutions and take advantage to attract new customers and retain current ones. All the comments will help you know what can be improved and what other options you have to innovate.


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