Privacy Settings and Security for Google Assistant and Chrome On Android

Surely you have ever heard of smart speakers or voice assistants, done a search in Chrome, or used a device with an Android operating system, but do you know its security and privacy settings?

In this article, we present you will learn about the security and privacy settings of the following services:

Google Assistant: Main privacy controls we explain what happens to your conversations with your Google Assistant and show you how to configure some privacy commands to decide what data is saved and used by Google services. Plus, you’ll learn how you can review your settings and automatically remove anything you’ve told your Google Assistant through sections like ‘Web & App Activity.

Chrome: Privacy, security, and safe searches. We show you the most outstanding features of the Chrome browser and Google Search in terms of privacy and security. You will discover, for example, how Google encrypts and filters your searches safely or how to check the settings of your Chrome browser. Also, we will show you that Google has a section within its configuration that allows us to delete browsing data, manage aspects related to cookies, protect the security of our browsing and control certain permissions to the websites we visit.

Android: How the operating system protects you on your devices. We present some pre-installed Android tools, such as Google Play Protect, which analyzes the applications installed on the device and allows you to review the permissions they have been granted through the settings section. Other actions that Android performs by default are identifying identity theft or phishing, identifying spammers, and storing information in encrypted form. All of these tools ensure the information on your device is always safe because protection is carefully built into everything you do.

Google Activity Control: The finest place to begin taking control over Google’s tracking practices is the Activity Controls page in your Google Account on the web. If you’re presently signed into Google in your browser, that link should carry you straight to it. The data Google carries on you is divided into six sections. You can turn off tracking on any of them utilizing the toggle switches you see on the screen.


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