The Real Picture of Online Education During Times of Corona

Covid-19 struck the world from all directions. They are destroying a lot of the pillars that are very much relevant to human civilization. Education is one of the most prominent ones at that. During this social distancing, students can not go to their respective educational institutions and learn like they used to. They can not see the faces of their peers daily. They can not share a big chunk of their day with their peers anymore. This and things such as this are influencing the whole education scene quite radically. We will be trying to portray an accurate picture of that scene here.

These days students have to mostly stay cooped up in the corner of their room with their respective devices. They have to stare at their screen all day long without having much opportunity to give their eyes a rest. And even when the long classes end, they can not go out and let the stress out, hanging out with their friends because there is a lockdown going on. This brand of education is essentially doing to lessen the experience of education by a considerable margin. These students were supposed to grow as individuals while going to their institutions. The students would socialize with each other, partake in club activities, sports and all of these would, in turn, make them all-around individuals. These activities would go on to make them learned adults. But the road to that growth is completely blocked off during this time.

Teacher training has proven to be difficult as well. The teachers were handed an interactive display board and were instructed to use that as a whiteboard for the students. This usage of an interactive display board gave rise to a lot of technological problems for the teachers who aren’t tech-savvy. And as we know, there is a considerable number of teachers in especially third world countries who are not yet accustomed to digital technologies.

This is affecting the incumbents’ both physical and mental health. Headache, back pain, neck pain, sore eyes, bad posture are all serious concerns of the parents. Students have mental breakdowns more frequently as well. Panic attacks, anxiety attacks, severe depressive phases have unfortunately become the norm among university students.

There are certainly advantages of online education. It has removed the obstacle of an inflexible schedule. We can connect to our classes from anywhere as long as we have our devices and the internet with us.

And teachers who can use digital technologies comfortably have become more efficient as well. They have an abundance of tools in their inventory now. Interactive display board, pdfs, podcasts, and youtube videos can use all of these to aid their students in better understanding.

Also, the classes being more accessible in this setting, students are less prone to missing the classes. So, this has increased the overall attendance of students as well.

While can implement this specific sort education can implement this particular sort of education to acquire the highest possible efficiency, this system leaves out a lot of the things that human beings ought to attain from education. 


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