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Ullu Web Series got much attention from the users, as the ULLU app has an exciting and awful web series entertaining users to watch more. The ULLU App presents web series from different types of genres, including Romance, Thriller, Love, Betrayal, comedy, and Maritial Affairs type of series available on ULLU WEB SERIES app.

This entertainment web series Ullu app is the most-downloaded android app compared to other OTT platforms, certified as 18+ Apps.

Ullu web serieses episodes are available for free on many torrent sites; many watch online and download ullu webseries on those sites to save money.

Ullu Web Series Download

Episodes of Ullu Web Series can be download HD from the ullu.app, a premium subscription paid platform.

Ullu subscription plan is very low comparing to other online streaming platforms.

To become a prime member on ULLU, you have to select any one of the subscription plans, and you can enjoy watching HD Ullu webseries content without any disturbance.

How to Watch Ullu Web Series Without Subscription?

Ullu is a paid subscription-based platform, if you are looking to watch ullu web series without a subscription, you can watch, but in that, you have to face difficulties, like you can find ullu web series some parts of videos but not the whole. To watch ullu web series you have to visit ullu.app it is paid one.

Also, the small video parts contain unwanted ads and other promotional ads which are not relevant to you. 

Ullu subscription charges in 2022 are Rs. 297 for one year. The subscription fee is less than Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hotstar, ALT Balaji, and Zee. 

Ullu web series without subscription you can watch and download from several websites for free. But you cant find it in good resolution, and only you find edited small parts of videos, which is a waste of time and data. 

Ullu recently launched there eCommerce business with the name ullu99.com, on that store you can buy any product like of Men’s, Women’s, Kids, Beauty and accessories in a reasonable prices.

How to Download Ullu Web Series

Ullu web series got many names and fame from people as most people are young youth aged between 20-30 and above aged people watching and downloading ullu web series. 

If you are looking to download the ullu series from the internet, it is hard to find; better go and subscribe ULLU app for one year, Rs. 297, which is very low.

Even if you want to know how to download the ullu web series, we will let you know some alternatives, but we don’t recommend them.

Ullu Web Series Download Filmyzilla

Filmyzilla is a piracy site that uploads varieties of movies and web series, and they also upload ullu web series videos on their platform.

From filmyzilla, you can download ullu videos for free, but they are not in a good resolution. It’s up to you to download or watch, and you can find two options there. 

Filmyzilla also has web series on amazon prime, Netflix, Hotstar, and many other OTTs.

Ullu Web Series Download Filmywap

As filmyzilla, filmywap is also the same platform that holds a collection of new movies and web series from different OTTs. 

On filmywap, you can search ullu web series; you can download it and watch it on your devices.

Ullu Web Series Best Collections

On Ullu, you can watch varieties and many web series to see some exciting categories to watch.

Some of the categories are: 

  1. Charmsukh
  2. Ritiriwaj
  3. Kavita Bhabhi
  4. Palang tod
  5. Chawl House

Not only 4 can you see many other categories but these 4 Charmsukh, Ritiriwaj, Kavita bhabhi, and Palang tod web series are most watched by users. 

You can find several series and episodes in each category with different stories and actors. 

1. Charmsukh

List of Web Series in Charmsukh 

  • Charmsukh – Maa Devrani Beti Jethani
  • Charmsukh – Chawl House 1
  • Charmsukh – Chawl House 2
  • Charmsukh – Majboori
  • Charmsukh – Impotent
  • Charmsukh – Tuition Teacher
  • Charmsukh – Train
  • Charmsukh – Live Streaming
  • Charmsukh – Kamar ki Naap
  • Charmsukh – Yeh Kaisa Rishta
  • Charmsukh – Toilet Love
  • Charmsukh – Salahkaar
  • Charmsukh – Aate ki Chakki
  • Charmsukh – Meri Padosan
  • Charmsukh – Jane Anjane Mein 1
  • Charmsukh – Jane Anjane Mein 2
  • Charmsukh – Jane Anjane Mein 3
  • Charmsukh – Jane Anjane Mein 4
  • Charmsukh – Flat 69
  • Charmsukh – Sex Education
  • Charmsukh – Trapped
  • Charmsukh – Humse Na Ho Payega
  • Charmsukh – Telephone Booth
  • Charmsukh – Sautela Pyaar
  • Charmsukh – Sauda
  • Charmsukh – Degree Wala Teacher
  • Charmsukh – Kaamwali Bai
  • Charmsukh – Pajama Party
  • Charmsukh – Highway
  • Charmsukh – Karna Zaroori Hai
  • Charmsukh – Behrupiya
  • Charmsukh – Ek Khwab Suhagraat
  • Charmsukh – Mom and Daughter
  • Charmsukh – Roleplay
  • Charmsukh – Jane Anjane Mein – 5 Part 1
  • Charmsukh – Jane Anjane Mein – 5 Part 2

Above listed all are web series which are under charmsukh category. 

2. Ritiriwaj

List of Web Series in Ritiriwaj

  • Ritiriwaj – Mann Marzi
  • Ritiriwaj – Taala Chaabi
  • Ritiriwaj – Pinjara
  • Ritiriwaj – Haldi
  • Ritiriwaj – Tijarat
  • Ritiriwaj – Love Festival
  • Ritiriwaj – Wife on Rent
  • Ritiriwaj – Water Wives

The above-listed web series are related to the same topic, ritiriwaj, but the story and actors are different in each series.

3. Kavita Bhabhi

List of Web Series in Kavita Bhabhi

  • Kavita Bhabhi
  • Kavita Bhabhi 2
  • Kavita Bhabhi 3 (Part 1, 2, 3, 4)

In the Kavitha bhabhi web series, you can find the same actress character named (Kavita Bhabi), but in every series, you can find a different story and another supporting cast. 

4. Palang tod

List of Web Series in Paling tod

  • Palang Tod – Beta Aashiq Baap Ayyash
  • Palang Tod – Gaon Ki Garmi 2
  • Palang Tod – Gaon Ki Garmi
  • Palang Tod – Care Taker 2
  • Palang Tod – Care Taker
  • Palang Tod – Anniversery gif
  • Palang Tod – Blackmail
  • Palang Tod – Saas Bahu and NRI
  • Palang Tod – Kirayedaar
  • Palang Tod – Friend Request
  • Palang Tod – Saaza Ya Maaza
  • Palang Tod – Naaye Padosi
  • Palang Tod – Saali Aadi Gharwaali
  • Palang Tod – Aadha Adhura Pyaar
  • Palang Tod – Shor
  • Palang Tod – Bekaboo Dil
  • Palang Tod – Caretaker
  • Palang Tod – Double Dhamaka
  • Palang Tod – Mom and Daughter
  • Palang Tod – Damad Ji Season 2

Palang tod is a list of entertainment in the palang tod category. You can find an exciting web series in that each series is involved different stories and actors and actresses.

These four categories and many web series are available on the ULLU app, which is interesting to watch, but here collected, only these 4 are most loved by all users. 

On Ullu website and app you can see option like coming soon and family safte. 

Coming soon is an option in that you can see upcoming web series which are to be released soonly.

And family safe is an option to be safe from family and friends so they can’t see what you are watching.

ULLU Subscription Plans

  1. 2 Days – 45 Rs.
  2. 12 Days – 99 Rs.
  3. 3 Months – 198 Rs.
  4. 1 Year – 396 Rs.

The above are the ULLU prime subscription plans. These are very low prices; currently, they are on offer, and also, you can get 15% cashback if you use Mobikwik wallet for the subscribing payment of ULLU.

You can use this app from everywhere. You can also watch this app series from different countries worldwide, with no restrictions for watching from other countries.

If you want to know more detailed information or face any issues, you can contact ULLU customer care/service on this toll-free number 1800 102 1470.

Ullu Webseries Videos on Ullu.app

After subscribing to the ULLU App, you can download the ullu webseries on your handset or any device you use to watch movies or series.

Online and Downloading option is available on ULLU App, users can enjoy the benefit of two options.

ULLU web series videos are available in multiple languages like English, Hindi, Telugu, Kannada, Tamil, Bengali, and many more.

As ULLU is an Indian App, that’s the reason they have multiple regional languages. Users from any state or city can subscribe and Watch or download ullu webseries videos.

Upcoming web series on ULLU.app are Charmsukh Tapan, Shahad, Lady Finger and Walk Man.

Ullu Web Series Most Watched Series are:

  • Kavita Bhabhi
  • Palang Tod
  • Charmsukh
  • Riti Riwaj
  • Ghapa Ghap
  • Singardaan
  • Right or Wrong
  • Size Matters
  • Tadap

The above mentioned also mentioned many series and episodes that are most watched and viewed online on the ULLU app, but we just mentioned some of them.

Every series have multiple seasons and episodes. Users can have fun and enjoy the glimpse of humor matured content on the ULLU App.

Ullu web series online watch and download option is available in the ULLU platform, as generally, other platforms don’t have the option of downloading.

Due to this ULLU OTT platform, many of the actors could work in the cinema industry. Many actors from Bollywood and other regional movies acted in the Ullu webseries like Shardda Das from Telugu movies. She acted in the Singardaan Web Series.

And another famous actor of Bollywood, Rohit Roy, acted in the Series Paper. Also, one more Bollywood actor, Iqbal Khan, played a role in the Paisa Paisa series, upcoming web series on ullu is jalebi bai which is releasing on 8th April, 2022.

Ullu App is giving a chance to newcomers and also an experienced actor who is not getting opportunities from Bollywood movies.

As every actor knows that ULLU is an matyre content platform, even they are choosing to play the crucial roles only because they don’t have other opportunities some are doing due to their passion for acting.

Ullu Web Series Cast

As mentioned in the above paragraph, many actors, male and female, are playing different roles in their selected series.

Ullu web series Cast is like an institution with many students. Similarly, there is no single or multiple to describe the cast of the ullu webseries; there are many innumerable cast of the ullu app.

Well, we mention some of the best and most liked cast of the Ullu Webseries actress.

  • Rajsi Verma (Palang Tod Double Dhamak)
  • Kavita Radheshyam (Kavita Bhabhi)
  • Sneha Paul (Charmsukh Chawl House)
  • Pamela Mondal (Prabha Ki Diary)
  • Muskan Agarwal (Palang Tod Bekaboo Dil)
  • Jinnie Jazz (Charmsukh Jaane Anjane Mein)
  • Mahima Gupta (Charmsukh Degree Wala Teacher)
  • Ihana Dhillon (Kasak)
  • Rekha Mona Sarkar (Palang Tod Naye Padosi)
  • Prajakta Dusane
  • Garima Jain
  • Ankita Dave
  • Priya Gamre
  • Mishti Basu

Also, many most liked ULLU webseries actresses, but we mentioned some that are most rated and liked by users.

ULLU Originals web series are most trending these days due to the best content creating by the ULLU digital team.

ULLU trailers are always available on the Youtube channel, and also they upload their updates on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. You can follow them to look out for the official updates regarding the upcoming Series on ULLU.

ULLU.APP site is the official site of the ullu OTT platform. No other ullu named domain-related site is official.

The Upcoming Series of ULLU are Rupay 500, Madhosh Diaries (Good Wife), Dil hai seedha Sadha, Naye Padosi Palang Tod, and many more its trailer is available on youtube users can watch the ullu webseries trailer for free of cost. No subscription is needed.

Every week they upload new episode videos on ullu app.

Recent Release – Watch New Ullu Web Series

Siskiyaan Doraha
JabranCharmSukh Tapan
Honey TrapSamnewali Khidki
Landu FingerPalangtod Zaroorat
WalkmanKhoon Bhari Maang


Can We Watch Free Series on Ullu App?

Yes, you can watch free web series episodes on the ullu app, but there are some limitations. Only free series episodes are available for free. To watch all series, you have to purchase a premium plan.

Is Ullu.App an Indian App?

Yes, the ULLU platform is an Indian-made app and website; it is an OTT platform owned by Vibhu Agarwal.

Which are the Alternatives Apps for ULLU App?

ALT Balaji, Hoichoi, Klikk, Popcorn, Hotshot, Flizmovies and some more.

Is ullu99.com Owned By ULLU.app?

Yes, ullu.app owns the ullu99.com eCommerce store; they launched this in mid of 2022.

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