The urgent need to migrate to IPv6 and how IPXO will be able to facilitate that

There is a clear indication that the global supply of IPv4 addresses is reaching a critical level. As the number of devices online increases, the demand for IP addresses increases, and IPv4 cannot provide enough addresses to facilitate this expansion. The adoption of IPv6 promotes the exponential growth of the Internet by delivering 340 unique undecillion speeches, compared to the 3.7 billion provided by IPv4. To continue fostering the economic growth and opportunity provided by the Internet, we are at a point where rapid adoption of IPv6 is necessary to sustain that growth.

The case of Europe, the Middle East, and Central Asia

RIPE is the Regional Internet Registry for Europe, the Middle East, and Central Asia. As mentioned above, this RIR (Regional Internet Registry) is in charge of assigning the territories territories’ IP addresses. They are currently in cost of delivering the IPv4 addresses they use to operators and companies, but today, they have run out of new IP addresses. The IPv4 addresses are increasingly rare.

RIPE’sRIPE’s IPv4 address reservations exhausted.

In 2016 assigned all IP4 addresses assigned all IPv4 addresses, and at July 2019 it was announced that there was now a long waiting list and minimum assignments of 256 addresses at one time (full blocks / 24). Today, RIPE has announced that it has no more addresses available.

Even if they have run out of addresses, RIPE says they will continue to recover IPv4 addresses in the future from organizations that have closed, or from networks that have returned addresses they no longer use. will assign these addresses will give these addresses to those on the waiting list.

However, although they hope to be offering them for a while (at least a year or year and a half), these addresses are not enough for the demand of millions of addresses that they have. Additionally, only Local Internet Registrars (LIRs) that have not received IPv4 addresses of any size will be able to request new addresses and only receive a block of 256 addresses.

The RIPE has created a new section to show a graph of the LIRs on the waiting list to receive recovered IPv4 addresses in which you can see the seriousness of the matter: right now the RIPE does not have IP addresses to assign to those companies of the waiting list. All new IPv4 addresses that are new from now on will have been used at least once by another company or operator.

RIPE calls out for the jump to IPv6

The solution to this problem is simple: go to IPv6. However, operators have not yet taken the step in almost any country, and where only 23.7% of the 1,000 most visited websites are IPv6 compatible. The solution to making the change is simple: use DS-Lite, a kind of CG-NAT where hundreds of computers are grouped under the same external IP to access IPv4 webs and services, and the rest that access directly through IPv6 incompatible services and websites. RIPE affirms that CG-NAT has made it possible to alleviate the effects of the shortage somewhat, but that does not stop hiding the severe problem that the Internet is facing. It would not be strange that in the future, operators would have to resort to CG-NAT due to the shortage or to give the switch that provides us with all IPv6 addresses at once.

The need to migrate to version 6 (Ipv6)

The need to migrate the version of the protocol used to address the Internet (IP protocol) from the current version 4 to version 6 significantly increases the addressing space. The slow version migration is causing the address space to be exhausted at full speed. Obtaining IPv4 addresses has been increasingly difficult in recent years, as both ARIN and the rest of the Regional Registries (RIRs) have adjusted their address provision policies and procedures. So where can a user get an IPv4? On the marketplaces, of course. Economists have been predicting the emergence of marketplaces for IPv4 addresses for some time. 

 From an economic point of view, the appearance of a marketplace for IPv4 addresses seems an obvious conclusion. However, from a technological point of view, this market’s emergence is still not so apparent. In the first place, today for those who are difficult and expensive to obtain IPv4 addresses, it is for large Internet providers (ISPs) since it is still relatively easy and cheap for end-users to get these addresses. For these large companies, it is much easier and more optimal to efficiently use the address ranges they possess than to buy new fields (either in the official market or in the public marketplaces), for example, through technologies such as NAT.

IPXO will be the better solution for anyone who wants to monetize IPv4. It will be launched in mid-April this year!

If you are an IPv4 address owner and want to monetize IPv4, then searching on random marketplaces is not a wise choice. There will be another safer way for that, using the IP marketplace provided by the IPO. With this marketplace you’ll able to:

– Choose the desired lease price and scale your earnings.

– Rent out your IPv4 addresses to minimize the risk of being blacklisted.

– Maintain your privacy during the monetizing process.

– Sign LOA Assignment Documents quite easily.

With the coming IPXO, you’ll only need three necessary steps; import subnets with LOA or ROA set your prices (subnet prices), and start making money. Very simple and easy. Will guide you will guide you! The IPXO customer service will guarantee that every seller gets fair results.

With IPXO, you will know all the income you get from transparently monetizing your IPv4 addresses. There will be a safe pre-registration process, which significantly reduces the risk of being blacklisted.

So is migrating to IPv6 is needed? Yes! Is searching on some random marketplaces the best solution? Of course not! Better use IPXO’sIPXO’s marketplace! Just wait for the launching date.


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